Facebook Blockchain Ramps Up Hiring “to help billions of people” As Privacy Struggles Intensify

Facebook Blockchain

Bob Coiney

December 20, 2018

Earlier this year, Facebook announced a new blockchain team, led by former PayPal president David Marcus. A recent review by The Block revealed that the company has recently started hiring more personnel for the Facebook Blockchain startup whose “ultimate goal is to help billions of people with things they don’t have access to now.”

In the midst of a blockchain hiring spree, a new lawsuit by Washington, D.C., as well as a fresh report from The New York Times struck Facebook at its weakest point – privacy. According to the report, the social media giant has been giving select corporations access to significantly more personal information than disclosed.

A Blockchain product in late-stage development?

Three of the job listings found on the company’s recruitment website stood out — a Head of Brand, a Global Brand Development Lead as well as a Product Marketing Lead — all of which with product go-to-market duties.
According to the report, the job listings of those roles provide the most compelling novel insights into the state of Facebook’s Blockchain group and its future product plans. According to the role responsibilities of the Product Marketing Lead:

“This person will be responsible for creating our product strategy for developers and consumers, managing our product go-to-market plans and coordinating a cross-functional team to bring great solutions to connect the community.”

Typically, those positions’ responsibilities are to prepare and pitch a product to consumers, businesses, and developers. Companies, such as Facebook, tend to ramp up product and brand marketing personnel once the given project approaches its end-stage technical development and is nearing a rollout.

Interestingly, when inquired about the Head of Brand and the Global Brand Development Lead positions by The Block, Facebook Blockchain reportedly removed those two postings, while all others remain.

A Small Team with One Goal: Change the World via Blockchain

As outlined in its Data Scientist job description, “At Facebook, we have established a new team building blockchain technologies. It’s a small, but talented group of people, who are passionate about changing the world…”

The number of Facebook Blockchain employees that can be found on Linkedin has nearly tripled in the past months. With a quick search for the company’s employees with the term “Blockchain,” you will be able to find leads across nearly every function – Product, Engineering, Security, Design, Legal, Public Policy, Business Development, Marketing, Communications, and Recruiting, among others. There are also numerous individual contributors.

Facebook’s Privacy Rollercoaster

Just a day ago, Washington, D.C., filed a lawsuit against Facebook because of the Cambridge Analytica dispute. Earlier this year, the news about this data breach broke out, marking the beginning of a series of exposed privacy concerns, breaches, and violations. From retaining deleted videos on the social network, through the remote removal of company executive’s messages from people’s inboxes, all the way to giving Netflix and Spotify access to its users’ private messages.

According to The NYT report — summarizing a review of more than 270 leaked internal company documents and over 60 interviews with former company employees, partners, former government officials, and privacy advocates — Facebook has been giving select few big corporations access to personal information without its users’ consent, essentially sparing them from its privacy policies.

As stated in the report, besides empowering Spotify and Netflix with your private messages, the company also shared all of the names of Facebook users’ friends to Microsoft Bing, gave Amazon access to their names and contact information through their friends, and it allowed Yahoo to spectate users’ friends’ posts.

To top all off, the report states that some of these deals have been ongoing as recently as this summer, despite public statements that claim such activities had been discontinued years ago.

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