Exclusive: LATOKEN’s CEO: “ We Create Amazon Of Real-World Assets”


Bob Coiney

August 6, 2018

In an exclusive interview for Crypto is Coming, Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, a founder and CEO of the multi-asset cryptocurrency exchange LATOKEN, talked about how the exchange came to be, his thoughts on its competitors, and its future goal.

LATOKEN is a reasonably new multi-asset exchange which allows you to trade cryptocurrencies, list your ICO, or tokenize your assets. The company enabled Bitcoin deposit and withdrawals last week, and it’s now eyeing the Asian market.

Heavy Trading Processes Inspired LATOKEN’s CEO To Found The Company

Preobrazhenskiy first had the idea for the exchange while managing a hedge fund — the bureaucracy behind trade settlements, the endless hours, and the dozens of parties involved made the whole trading process hard and complicated. Investors should help people live better lives by reallocating resources into more productive technologies, companies, industries and countries. However a vast majority of assets are still not tradable due to the high costs and labour intensity associated with organizing secondary trading.

His idea was to bring to people a platform which eliminates existing hustle and allows common people to trade assets they couldn’t get to until now, for a variety of reasons.

As he said, “With blockchain, an exchange can evolve from a heavy-bureaucratic machine to an Amazon of assets, sort of an online shop easily accessible for billions of traders and asset owners all around the globe.”

LATOKEN is currently “structuring tokenization procedures to allow venture funds, private firms, and real estate to be tokenized and traded.” Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency exchange is fully functional, and a lot of crypto traders are already using it on a daily basis.

LATOKEN Cares More About High Liquidity For New Assets Than Trading Volume, CEO Says

Preobrazhenskiy said that, unlike other principal exchanges, LATOKEN is not focused on trading volume, while not disregarding it. The company puts efforts on providing high liquidity for new tokens by attracting more traders with opportunity to trade across different kinds of assets: “We welcome all new companies to be listed on our exchange and get noticed by thousands of traders.”

When asked if he was concerned more prominent exchanges competed directly with LATOKEN in the multi-asset exchange market, Valentin Preobrazhenskiy replied,

“Aware of that possibility? Yes. Concerned? Not really. Right now, major crypto exchanges are focused on growing trading volume, without paying much attention to new opportunities for development. Also, keep in mind that the bigger the platform, the harder to transform it into something new. LATOKEN was born with a multi-asset strategy in its DNA.”

The exchange might be a late entry in the space, but the LATOKEN team wants to become the top trading platform for a wide range of assets, from traditional stocks to tokenized pieces of art. While that seems like an ambitious goal, these days everything seems to be possible — like people interviewing robots about the meaning of life at a Blockchain conference.