Exclusive: ABCC Exchange is Launching Its App This Week


Bob Coiney

August 1, 2018

The Singaporean exchange has recently issued its ABCC Token (AT), and it’s now getting ready to launch its smartphone app. I spent some time playing with the test app, and I can say I was pleasantly surprised.

ABCC Exchange is a relatively new player on the field; however, three key investors in Asia are backing it — Funcity Capital, Dream Seeker Capital, and BlockOrigin. They even got the Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta on their advisory board — impressive.

ABBC’s App Gives You a Minimalist and Smooth Experience

Its token has also observed a steady growth in value — the price went up from $0.5 to $1.2 in less than a week and is trading at the time of writing at $2. These are all impressive feats for such a young cryptocurrency exchange.

Nonetheless, my expectations regarding the app were pretty low — either because test versions tend to bug a lot, or only because I didn’t expect it to excel at features more prominent exchanges have struggled with.

The app looks beautiful from the moment you start it. It welcomes you with a nice-looking animation which transitions smoothly to its clean and straightforward interface.

(Click the pictures for larger resolution.)


Tap on ‘Gainers’ or ‘Losers’ For Instant Access to The Biggest Changes

Right on the first screen, you can see at a glance the latest announcements, and how are the most prominent cryptocurrencies faring — you’re even given a choice to sort them between ‘Gainers’ and ‘Losers.’

The rest of the tabs are what you’d expect from a cryptocurrency exchange app — Markets, Trade, and Account. The Markets tab doesn’t look much different CoinMarketCap; you can select your favorites, or sort them by BTC, ETH or USDT pairs.

The Trade tab shows you a small graph, the market trades, and order book volumes. At the bottom of it, you can either buy or sell the selected cryptocurrency.

The Account tab lets you check your funds, and AT Rewards, you can change your Authentication and Security settings, or contact Support and access the latest News.

Overall, the app has a clean, smooth feel, and helps you keep focused on your trades, rather than wander around the different coins available. If you’re one of those who prefer ‘night mode’ you will be disappointed as the app is predominantly white.