Everything about Bitdroplet

Bob Coiney

April 17, 2020

Bitdroplet is one of the most unique concepts which is also the first SIP-based investment for bitcoin. Under this concept, anyone will be able to purchase bitcoins in fixed amounts of USDT. Many people have invested in bitcoins using this concept. Bitcoin has been at the forefront of investment targets but has experienced high volatility making people fearful of losing their investments. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the globe, the value of bitcoin has reduced dramatically but Bitdroplet people can invest in it in the form of a systematic purchase plan. This kind of investment befits long term investment and conceptually it is similar to the usual SIP plan. The only difference being that this deals in bitcoin and not the local currency.

The underlying principle of a  SIP or SPP is that it works on the Dollar-cost averaging principle that makes the best of every situation. If the markets are high, it is in a favorable position, and when the market has reduced the impact will be low as it balances the volatility of the asset. Here the investor needs not to make a one-time investment but it is purchased in fixed time intervals. This goes a long way in reducing the average price of the asset over a long time. The longer one investment is stretched the lesser the average purchase price of the asset.

Now for those who always felt that bitcoins were beyond their reach, Bitdroplet endows a great opportunity for people to invest and build their wealth in a timely manner and with the lowest risk possible. To start with, the investor can only invest in bitcoins but later on, the company intends to add more cryptocurrencies so that it becomes more flexible and investors get to choose.

About BitBNS

In the latter half of 2017, the owners of BitBNS were focussed on starting a crypto-exchange in order to ensure that people can easily enter the world of crypto. This platform was started with the foremost aim of providing security of transactions. With a few months, BitBNS was live and on December 14’th it came into existence. As of now, 73 digital assets can be traded here 11 top currencies which are exchangeable here.

How to deposit for Bitdroplet

In order to deposit money for Bitdroplet, investors need to visit the wallet section and click ‘deposit money’ The wallet can store the investment in the form of USDT.  When you click on deposit money, there are three ways with which the investor can deposit USDT. 

  1. If you are short of USDT funds, you will have to first buy USDT on the BitBNS exchange and then transfer the same into the Bitdroplet wallet. Once that is done the investor will be able to transfer USDT from the wallet.
  2. The second method is when there are already USDT finds available in the Bitbns wallet. If the investor wants to transfer USDT from Bitbns wallet to the bitdroplet wallet, then there is an option called ‘transfer from Bitbns’ in the wallet section. If there are other cryptos and not USDT, then you can easily sell them to get FIAT from which USDT can be purchased.
  3. The third method of deposit is when the investor already has USDT but in some other exchange. In that case, the user can click ‘deposit USDT’. A QR code will be generated with the wallet address. This address can be used in order to transfer USDT from other exchanges to Bitdroplet.

Concept of Goal

Goals are nothing but manageable monetary targets that the investor wants to achieve on the medium. When you add value for the goal, a target value for the investment can be defined. The user can create several goals and invest concurrently in all of them. Every goal is an SPP in which the investor is investing in a systematic manner. The higher the goal, the greater is the installment period and investment duration.

The promoters

The founders of the concept and the platform are a group of self-driven entrepreneurs who have a passion for the market. The bandwagon is led by Gaurav Dahake – the CEO, Prashant Singh (CTO, Bitbns) and Srikanth Sethumadhavan (UI and Front End, Bitbns). 

Image Source – Bitdroplet Facebook