Black Manta Capital to bring Safety Token Market to Berlin

Bob Coiney

April 16, 2020

The Germany-based Black Manta Capital have the launched a safety token offering (STO) who total real estate value exceeds $12 million in the capital city of Berlin. The real estate  venture is touted to be completed by 2022. This venture is in collaboration property agency Tigris Immobilien and will offer properties ranging from 40-60 sq meters. 

In this planned venture, it has been stated that the token holders will share 20% of sale earnings through the securitized participation rights they have. For peculiar and divergent traders the token will provide a great way to trade as against the skilled traders who usually do it.

The minimum investments that are required for buying tokens are only 500 Euros. The founder of the Black Manta organization Christian Platzer has also mentioned that the safety tokens are blessed with many benefits over the usual property investments. The company also stated that additional STO’s can also be worked on its platform in the 12 month period. The agency has macro plans which might be start-up securities, SME’s and funds.

With this venture, Platzer expects that the venture of tokenization provider picks and evolves with the custodian market also lifting up from its infancy stage. The blockchain technology industry is now sweeping the real-estate market. With this increasing wisdom about the property market, the real property safety tokens now comprise more than half of lively safety tokens and almost 15% of the total quantity. The trend has not been registered only in Germany. In March a Japanese property agency had tied up with a tokenization organization in order to build a platform for funding and using the digital securities so that resources could be expended in the actual property.

The company spokesperson has officially made a statement that the transaction costs are lower with features of easy trading. There is also no need of lining up at the notary for registration purposes.

Image Source – Pixabay