EthereumCum – An exciting crypto project for the Adult entertainment industry

Bob Coiney

June 19, 2021

Cryptocurrency is spreading its wings wide enough to include industries we never thought would be a part of!

One of the largest industries, the adult entertainment industry has integrated with cryptos and how! We are here to talk about a unique project EthereumCum, that pioneers the efforts by bridging the gap between the adult entertainment community tokens and the much-known foundational coins of the crypto world. EthereumCum is growing and it’s growing fast!

What it offers

EthereumCum has propagated an ERC-20 token eCum that has a total supply of 200 Billion. It is a yield-based token that provides a 2% transaction fee back into the liquidity pool. EthereumCum has already presented a token application for Etherescan that is to go live soon. It also plans to link its social channels to DexTools. This will help our token realize its full potential with a listing exposure on CMC and CoinGecko. 

A major refurbishing of the token design also will take place in tandem with the latest trends. Very soon EthereumCum will also launch something called eCumNFT, an NFT( Naughty Fuckable Token) marketplace. Users can pay in $eCum to view their favorite model’s NFT even when they don’t own it. Monetization of NFTs has also been taken care of as the owners of the token can take home a certain percentage of the payment for the view. 

EthereumCum – the future!

The project is a hardcore crypto project with adult entertainment as its USP. It posits as an autonomous adult DeFi community that will give eCum token holders financial liberty by having control over their digital assets. It is an all-encompassing platform that has something for everyone including community perks, holder rewards, great investment avenues,s and much more. eCum is already gaining pace in terms of popularity and is on its way to lead the adult entertainment ecosystem in the DeFi space. The platform will charge a 2% fee for swapping tokens which will ultimately be split by LPs in sync with their contribution to the reserves. 

Since the industry is all about experience, EthereumCum will also offer VIP experiences and privileges in different entertainment brands, events, etc. 

You can follow them on their Twitter handle and even better, get to know the platform better by participating in interesting conversations on their official Telegram. 

This is getting better and better!