EOS BPs heavily controlled by exchanges (2 from Huobi) and other potential issues


June 20, 2018

EOS has recently come under fire recently from critics arguing that they could be leaving exchanges vulnerable to hacks as well as for their consensus protocol and Network constitution. Adding to our recent series of posts on EOS, Nic Carter did a quick recap of the current 21 EOS block producers filtering them by organization, % of stake, affiliation with any cryptocurrency institution, geographical legal jurisdiction and any miscellaneous note that could prove relevant. This could prove useful to keep track of centralization in terms of consensus and governance for this new project.

As you can see from looking that the BPs, they seem heavily weighted towards China (29%) with a lot of exchange influence (Huobi figuring prominently with 2 BPs). Another issue is that EOS Dac conducted an airdrop which could be misconstrued as a form of bribe to voters as well as 1 completely unknown BP, Zbeosbp11111.

Let us know know if you have any information that could update this chart, or hit him up on twitter with corrections. Sources for the chart can be found here and here.

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