Recently a popular Indianapolis 500 racing event took place in which Ed Carpenter scored a fifth position. However, this event became even more special for crypto enthusiasts as Ed Carpenter was racing in a Chevrolet 21 with Bitcoin sign. The Indianapolis 500 is a popular racing event in the US in which 33 racers participated. 

Bitcoin in the Race!

Ed Carpenter is a prominent US automobile racer who gave his audience an excellent show by finishing 5th out of 22 participants. While a great victory for the racer himself, it was an exciting event for the crypto community as Bitcoin was painted on a racing car in such a prestigious racing competition. 

Ed Carpenter, hours before the race, praised Bitcoin and its applications in the real world, He mentioned, 

”Today, we make history. Today, ECRIndy is proud to race for human freedom, financial inclusivity, saving technology, and Bitcoin development. Bitcoin is the hardest money mankind has ever conceived. There is nothing more I’d rather suit up for.”

Apart from the Bitcoin’s logo on the car, the whole team, including the pit stop crew, fashioned a black uniform with Bitcoin’s logo. Earlier this month, Ed Carpenter showed his unwavering support for Bitcoin and told, 

”To bring my personal interest and immersion in Bitcoin to our industry is historic. Just as Bitcoin is revolutionizing our financial system, I see it as an opportunity to transform how we operate within our own motorsport industry.”

One of the most fun moments during the entire event was the competition between BTC Chevrolet 21 and PNC Bank-sponsored cars. Ironically, the later racer ran out of fuel in between the race and had to stop for a refill while Ed Carpenter raced past the competitor. 

However, this wasn’t the first case when a digital asset was printed on a car during a race. Last Summer, Darrel “Bubba” Wallace, the only African-American to win NASCAR, carried the symbol during the event. 

Several other sports have showcased their support for cryptocurrencies too. For instance, Watford FC, a famous English football club, but the logo on their jersey shirt during the Premier League in 2019. 

It is exciting to see the worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrency and its public display in such prestigious events.