Doodles to Come Up with its Follow-Up Series ‘Doodles 2’ on Flow Blockchain

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Subh Rath

January 27, 2023

Just In: One of the most successful Ethereum NFT initiatives has selected NBA Top Shot as the location for its follow-up series.

You can’t have avoided Doodles if you’ve been keeping up with the world of NFTs in recent times; they’re known for their quirky, doodly-fun doodles, and many are fans of their NFTs due to their delightfully whimsical concepts.

Here’s its success story of the first phase: Doodles, one of the most publicized Ethereum NFT projects, has made more than $550 million in trades so far, and artist Pharrell Williams now serves as the company’s chief brand officer.

Now here’s another good news for all the Doodles followers. For its next big drop, Doodles is heading to the Flow blockchain.

What Should You Know About Doodles 2? 

Doodles have announced that its forthcoming larger-scale Doodles 2 project will launch on Flow, the Web3 platform best known for sports NFT initiatives like NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day.

Doodles 2 was announced for the first time last June at an NFT NYC event. It preserves the pastel, cartoonish appearance of the original series and artist Scott “Burnt Toast” Martin. Still, it is reported to encompass millions of NFTs instead of the 10,000 avatars in the original Doodles series.

In addition, it will enable NFT holders to constantly personalize their characters for use in gaming, social media, and other contexts. Owners of Doodles 2 NFTs will be able to customize their avatars’ bodies, clothing, facial expression, and accessories.

The items will, after that, be tradable on the Gaia marketplace on Flow. Moreover, due to the customization factor, the developers announced at NFT NYC that Doodles 2 would launch on a different blockchain platform than Ethereum, as Ethereum mainnet transactions incur high network gas fees. Some in the NFT industry have hypothesized that it might be Solana or Polygon.

On Tuesday, the business tweeted a brief video showcasing a variety of Doodles figures that could be dressed, accessorized, and played with in various ways. On January 31st, the first phase of the Doodles 2 experience will become available to current Doodles owners.

Doodles Overview: 

Doodles are a collectibles initiative by NFT inspired by the community and feature artwork by Burnt Toast, alias Scott Martin. At the time of writing, the current floor price on OpenSea is 16 ETH, or about USD 69,050.15. It was first issued on October 17th, 2021. Within the first day following the mint, you could have purchased one for about 1ETH. 

Doodles NFTs come in various hues and sizes, with 265 different qualities you can choose from. Doodles are “skellys, cats, aliens, apes, and mascots,” which are examples of animals commonly depicted in hand-drawn forms. There are dozens of “unique heads, outfits, and colours” in The Doodles that Burnt Toast created. There are 10,000 items in the collection as a whole.

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