Curate – Fashion Discovery on Blockchain

Bob Coiney

March 6, 2020

Blockchain technology has astonished everyone because of the inwards it has made into many sectors. With the progress it is making, technology providers are looking at newer ways to inculcate the technology strategy into their mainstream offerings. 

CURATE, an app for the fashionista and a style discovery app is one such platform that will provide both producers and consumers access to latest fashion trends, collections designs and some steal deals. The app will provide users with a digital token for forming new fashion statements and styles in the app. The rewards will be endowed in the form of BTC, ETH, and their in-house tokens. 

A lot of fashion houses have some great collection but owing to the crowding in the industry, their efforts sometimes go futile. Their sales are affected because of their poor reachability. But with this app, these fashion brands and retailers will be able to showcase their latest styles and modern designs. They will also be able to create awareness for their brands which will automatically translate into increased business and ROI. 

CURATE’s platform will also provide customers the opportunity to review the collection based on which the brands can improvise. CURATE is a decentralized app and since it is based on a distributed system it is run by multiple systems around the globe. It is constructed on the ethereum blockchain which uses the ERC. the platform is open-source and extremely secure. It will utilize the ERC-20 token system as its utility token CUR8. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Zara, and Amazon also will display their latest trends with the app and increase sales on the native platform. 

CURATE will let users curate a collection of the latest fashion designs. The users would be brands and fashion idols who will ensure that their collections are engage-worthy. Based on the community’s reaction they will receive upvotes for their fashion content. The discoverer community will be able to pick content that will receive the best upvotes. CURATE will reward the content users as well as creators and discoverers with BTC, ETH & CUR8 tokens which can further be redeemed against discounts or any offer on the website. 

For the fashion world and lovers, this is great news. It will provide the customer with the opportunity to interact with fashion kingpins and explorers. Designers who need a break can also use endorse their collection and become popular. Rewarding people with digital currency will also firmly build the fashion community and the entire system will be transparent. Access to quality fashion and undiscovered talents will be an icing on the cake. 

The more the contribution made, the more the rewards.