CryptoBots Announces a Partnership with Neon EVM to Launch on Solana


Bob Coiney

November 18, 2021

As crypto-based gaming continues to soar, multiple projects are announcing partnerships and collaboration within the crypto space to aid the growth of their platform.

The CryptoBots project has partnered with Neon EVM, an Ethereum virtual machine on Solana.  Neon EVM is a solution that allows dApp developers to expand and obtain liquidity on Solana using Ethereum tools.

CryptoBots stated that after launching the game on the Ethereum blockchain, it plans to use this option because it believes Neon is the finest scalability solution to deploy. CryptoBots users who choose Neon EVM will benefit from reduced gas fees and quick transaction speeds provided by Solana.

As a result of this partnership, Neon EVM’s solution allows all Ethereum apps, including Uniswap, SushiSwap, 0x, and MakerDAO, to run on Solana without requiring any code changes.

Reaction to the Partnership

Reacting to this partnership, the CEO of Neon Labs, Marina Guryeva, expressed her belief in the importance of P2e games as the future of blockchain-based gaming. She also noted her optimism over the new partnership, which she believes positions her platform for growth. In her words, “We believe that play-to-earn blockchain games are the future of the gaming industry. It looks like the CryptoBots project, backed by strong partners, has good potential to become a leader in its field.”

Simon Shikharev, the co-founder of CryptoBots, is equally delighted with the recent partnership and expressed his desire to see the partnership boost NFT gaming on Solana. Simon said, “Solana and Neon EVM are the leading solutions for maximizing our growth and we hope this partnership will boost the building of the NFT gaming ecosystem around Solana.”

Neon EVM Empowers Dapp Developers

As a cross-chain solution, Neon EVM enables dApp developers to take advantage of Solana’s benefits to enhance their services. The initiative introduces new goods such as arbitrage and high-frequency trading, allowing the user base to expand while lowering costs, such as gas prices. Developers may also leverage the technology to construct smart contracts in common coding languages, employ tool wallets, and quickly launch forks for existing protocols. 

Neon Announces a $40 million Partnership

Neon EVM has been working tirelessly to expand its platform, and recently, it announced that it had raised $40 million from a fundraising round that was championed by Jump Capital, and that included IDEO CoLab Ventures, Solana Capital, Three Arrows Capital and others. The partnership was aimed at bringing more growth to Neon Labs in the area of research, marketing as well as grants programs.

Visit for more information on Neon EVM.

CryptoBots, a one-of-a-kind platform

CryptoBots was the first Play2Earn 2017 game, and it’s back with a new metagame and earning options. Playneta, a game studio with over 100 million installs, is behind the game, which is endorsed by and CGU.