Crypto Twitter: Beef, Views and Gossip


January 26, 2018

On this installement of BVG:

  • More epic than the Battle of the Redgrass Field, two crews collide. Needacoin and Crypto_Rand
  • The Bitcoin Oracle sayeth…….Oh Vinny
  • It seems just about everyone is getting in on the ICO game. Including Arsenal football club

Two crypto crews collide

Let’s begin with the oft criticized and much malinged Crypto Tyrion. I dined with him last night over pigeon pie, Bravosi ale, and a few wenches. The usual came up: Bitcoins correction, people freaking out ’bout alts, #BTFD on alts, China yadda yadda. During our conversation he mentioned some brewing and interesting beef. Some new faces, some old. Remember the Hedge Knight from our previous tale @Crypto_rand? Yep he’s in the thick of it again.

This is a wonderful gesture. Something we should applaud. But where else would a Hedge Knights generosity be so violently dragged through the muck? Twitter of course :). In come the crypto CIS with an interesting discovery, the donations went through a complex web (3…lol) of transfers before reaching, if ever, it’s destination…Poor children? This is inexusable!

But Crypto_rand had his defense and stout followers. That’s what 100k followers will get ya ;).


Let this be a lesson to you budding crypto kings and queens: Nothing hides on the blockchain. And no good deed goes unpunished in Cryptoros.

The Bitcoin Oracle…..Excuse me while i retch

Nice one @cryptocobain. Lot’s of people are called lots of things. @needacoin is considered the smallcap oracle, @Crypto_ed_nl is the wAaaVvvee pattern surfer and @rogerkver is the bcash douche. But Bitcoin Oracle? Oy vey CNBC Fast Money. Even @satoshilite is getting in the mix. You know something hillarious happened.


If you don’t know who @VinnyLingham is I suggest you follow him. He likes to make outlandish twitter statements but is generally known as an astute biznass man. Queue Fast Money calling Vinny the Bitcoin Oracle. You can’t ask for a better setup to his failed calls.

Shitclub and shitcoin join forces. Team still suxxors

Arsenal Shitcoins.jpg

What can you say about Arsenal’s past two years. The club missed Champion league football for the first time in 19 years. They just recently lost their talisman, Alexis Sanchez, to bitter rival and king of the Premier League Manchester United. Their manager, The Mad King Aerys, has lost the plot. And their final “superstar” Slothman Ozil has not yet signed a new contract. This is fine.

But fear not gooners! These may be dark times on the pitch, but off it the commercial arm of Arsenal is taking great leaps……..into the cryptocurrency space. What better way to shake off The Long Night than to jump into the shitcoin race with the Cashbet Coin (ICO COMING SOooOoooOnN!). Listen to this zinger from “a spokeman”

 “The partnership aims to promote CashBet Coin ahead of their Initial Coin Offer on 24 January,” a spokesman for the club said. “It does not exist to encourage fans to bet with CashBet Coin.”

OooooooOOOookkKkkKKk. Whatever you say, Littlefinger. Also no mention of how many coins Arsenal will recieve, or how quickly they will dump once it’s available on HitBTC….jajajaja.

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