Crypto Tourism Platform Launches Trading Competition

Bob Coiney

September 20, 2021

Multiple cryptocurrency projects have emerged to meet the rising needs of the growing crypto world. As more and more people adopt cryptocurrency, different platforms attempt to meet their needs. These days, the crypto world is not limited to trading alone. There are various industries within the digital world, including gaming, tourism, entertainment, and the booming art world. Global organisations such as Twitter have enlisted and have become partners to different crypto-based corporations.

Bali Social Integrated is another big name making waves within the cryptocurrency world with its unique platform that seeks to revolutionise the tourism industry with its eco-friendly projects. As crypto becomes touted as the future of the world, the team at BSI is working furiously to ensure that the travel space is not left out and users can get the best of services.

As a growing community, BSI seeks to expand its frontiers and build a better relationship with its users. To this end, a trading competition was organised as a means of rewarding users who participated in the launch of their $BSI token on crypto trading platforms Hotbit and Clockbit. The $BSI token is used to facilitate payment and services on the BSI platform and is widely considered as its lifeline and power base.

After the token launch, the team at BSI was impressed by the swift participation of its users, traders, and investors and in a bid to build a better connection with them, the trading competition was announced where traders and investors could earn free $BSI tokens.

Who is Eligible?

The event is held from the 22nd of September to the 29th of September on Hotbit, but only those who trade the $BSI token within these days will be considered eligible to participate in the competition. 

How Does it Work?

Ranking begins after the 29th of September, and users will be ranked based on their trading volumes, including their buying and selling activities with the $BSI token. The top ten traders will be ranked by this volume-based calculation and afterwards be given free $BSI tokens worth $5000.

Rewards will also be given to other participants on the other side of the list. Although preference belongs to the first ten traders, those ranked from No.11 will receive about 2970 BSI tokens which will be given based on their trading volumes on Hotbit.

– Duration?08:00, September 22nd, 2021 ~ 08:00, September 29th, 2021 (UTC)

Both the ranking and prizes are expected to be delivered within ten business days after the event is concluded. Also, users are advised to refrain from illegal activities and cheating practices that could cancel out their participation in the competition.

The BSI Token

The primary payment system on the BSI platform, the $BSI token, allows for cross-border transactions at a fraction of the cost of fiat to fiat conversion fees and can be used to purchase things including airline tickets, hotel reservations, and tourist excursions. Furthermore, various prizes and tokens are given to encourage token holding and staking on the BSI platform.