Crypto Promoter And ICO Shiller, John McAfee To Run For President In 2020

Matt Jackson

June 5, 2018

McAfee for President 2020

He made his name and his fortune by creating the popular McAfee antivirus software, but has recently become better known for his Tweets promoting Initial Coin Offerings and cryptocurrencies, but John McAfee has said that he will run for President in 2020.

In a recent Tweet, former cyber security innovator John McAfee has said that he will run for Presidency in 2020, despite previous refusals. He went on to say that his campaign would best serve the cryptocurrency community and that if he was asked by the Libertarian party he would run for them, but would set up his own party if needed.

Cyber Security To ICO Shiller

John McAfee initially worked as a programmer for NASA before developing the McAfee antivirus software during the first dot com boom. He sold the software to Intel, but it still uses his name to this day. McAfee was estimated to have had a $100m fortune at one stage, but his often questionable lifestyle choices meant that he had whittled his fortune down to around $4m. He also courted controversy when moving from the US to Belize, where he eventually had to leave because of an investigation into murder. In McAfee’s version of events, he was being framed by corrupt officials.

More recently, McAfee has become an unofficial spokesperson for the crypto community. Between his seemingly paranoid posts about being hunted by government officials, and pictures of the small army he employs to protect him, there are tweets shilling ICOs, costing the ICO more than $100,000, but that typically have the desired result of bringing a massive influx of money from investors.

Previous Presidency Campaign

McAfee has form, having previously run a Presidency campaign in 2006. He campaigned to become the Libertarian Party nomination for the 2016 election, only losing out to former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. McAfee has said that he will use his own money to finance the campaign.

Love him or hate him, McAfee stands as a cryptocurrency evangelist, and he could use the political platform to help spread the word of cryptocurrency and to increase mass adoption rates of Bitcoin, which McAfee has predicted will reach a price of $1m by 2020.

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