Crypto News Discovery Platform For Real-Time Updates To Investors

Bob Coiney

July 5, 2021

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is among the most growing markets, with millions of traders, users, and investors actively keeping a tap on every update. The Volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market makes the investors and traders always restless and checking various sources to keep themselves aware of the happenings in the market. Like any financial market, the crypto market is also prone to react to the news. Suppose there’s some positive adoption or achievement. In that case, the entire cryptocurrency market turns green. In contrast to this, any negative update including regulation, ban, tweets, flash attacks, hacks, scams, and security breaches.

It’s tough to stay updated with everything happening in the cryptoverse. When there are thousands of cryptocurrencies and people having diverse holdings, it is hard to keep track of everything happening with one particular crypto asset. 

The quest for a crypto news platform eventually led to the pursuit of an ever-better customized platform covering everything about crypto. BlockTales has emerged to provide the most accurate information to help traders make the best choices whilst avoiding mistakes.

Community Driven Smart News Discovery Platform

BlockTales is a news discovery platform for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The much-celebrated platform will also embed AI and ML algorithm-based mechanisms that will provide users with customized alerts. It helps investors choose the best option available in real-time to avoid major losses by missing out on the updates and avoiding dangerous mistakes. 

The benefits offered by BlockTales includes: 

  • AI/ML Powered Quick Updates: This is one of the unique features that will be offered by the News platform helping users access the latest bytes.
  • One-click: With BlockTales, users can aggregate everything in one place in just a click. Users can perform research on any coin/NFT or Defi and get everything in one place.
  • Real-time Engagement: A real-time engagement feed where users can discuss and debate with other users.
  • Intelligent advisory from top global influencers: What else can be better than this? Advisory from top global influencers can help anyone make more concrete and profitable choices.

BlockTales is the World’s First Community-Driven Smart News Discovery Platform! To revolutionize the way users perceive cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFi investment, BlockTales uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for accurate and real-time updates to users that can be instrumental for them to stay profitable and on top of everything.