Crypto and AI: Make the Most of Crypto & Telegram with the AiravatBot Limited Beta

Subh Rath

March 10, 2023

After successfully raising $165K in its pre-seed round for developing a Telegram-based AI crypto chatbot, AiravatBot has been launched in limited beta.


For all AI enthusiasts looking to automate their tasks, who would have thought that the time to automate and efficiently manage your Crypto would come so soon? 

As AI continues to improve and advance the efficiency, outcomes, and turnaround time for many professional industries and tasks – the crypto world is not being left behind in adopting this trend. 

Recently, Airavat, which was the talk of the web3 AI community as the first-of-its-kind AI-powered crypto chatbot for Telegram, started working on integrating ChatGPT into AiravatBot. 

Furthermore, the platform also announced that it had created a short walkthrough video about the chatbot’s features. 

This video on Airavat’s YouTube channel explains to new Telegram users about AiravatBot’s various features. These features currently include depositing, withdrawing, swapping, and staking.

Currently, the platform is running an incentivized early adopter/beta tester program to make AiravatBot accessible for everyone and improve it further based on user feedback.

AiravatBot Features

AiravatBot is already sourcing liquidity from a few prominent CEXes and is actively working on adding more sources from both the CeFi and DeFi ecosystems with the launch of its limited beta version. However, the current limited beta version already has a lot to bring to the table for the crypto-based telegram users, including features like: 

  • Support for users depositing and withdrawing needs of Tezos, MATIC, Ethereum, USDT, and USDC.
  • Built-in staking for Tezos, Polygon (MATIC), and Ethereum.
  • Swapping options of over 600 different USDT-based currency pairs in trade-only mode (no deposit/withdrawal).
  • Staking support from Airavat’s own validators and prominent staking infrastructure providers.

Airavat Overview

Airavat is a powerful chatbot-based interface for both simple and complex crypto operations. Airavat’s partnerships with key CEXs, DEXs, and Web3 platforms (AMMs, Borrow/Lend marketplaces, and NFT marketplaces) allow complicated multi-step actions to be done swiftly and effortlessly while also delivering the best price discovery and effectively integrating the CeFi and DeFi ecosystems.

Test it Today!

If you plan to test and use AiravatBot, the good news is that it’s just 2 steps away! 



  • Provide your email address on the Telegram chatbot in the format  ‘/request_invite <email>’ at

Learn more about the project’s further plans through its roadmap

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