Decentralized finance has now integrated with the traditional financial system and provides even better functionalities than before. 

However, regardless of the advancements, the crypto ecosystem still suffers from certain pain points such as Price Volatility, Complex User Interfaces, and Scalability. Luckily for us, various platforms are working on a way to solve these problems by building on DeFi and Blockchain Network. One of the platforms that stand out from the rest is Cryption Network that has seen a sudden growth in popularity. 

Cryption Network, The Solution

Cryption Network’s primary goal is to boost crypto adoption by bringing retail investors into the mix. The company uses a set of features and products that helps it tackle the problems of the crypto ecosystem. 

Their biggest USP is low gas fees and integration with Polygon Network that fastens the transaction verification while maintaining low transaction fees. The company has several products to offer, such as:

  • PolyDEX L2 Swap is an AMM DeFi exchange that offers elastic yield farming.
  • Elastic Farming is the concept of adjusting farm token according to a formula to control their supply. 
  • Seer is a prediction market with a Layer 2 solution that helps in efficient reading and predicting the market. 
  • Cryption App acts as a dApp browser for Ethereum and Polygon network and a wallet. This app will help in crypto adoption by bringing non-crypto users to dApps.
  • Non-Custodial Portfolio Management helps fund managers to create portfolios and trade on swap cafe. 
  • Ether Rush is an on-off ramp that uses innovative algorithms to determine the prices of an asset. 
  • DeFi Stack helps blockchain projects in token allocation and is a highly customizable product. 
  • NFTs Cryption will create membership tokens in the form of NFTs to give special privileges to the members. 

Cryption Network has been making a lot of waves in the crypto ecosystem because of its impressive suite of products. The company has robust backing from the lead investors such as CMS Holdings and Master Ventures. 

Recently the company crossed its 2000 followers mark on Twitter which only indicates the capabilities of the platform and its bright future.