We’re Almost There! Nebulas DeFi ecosystem will be launched soon! Are you ready?

Bob Coiney

October 27, 2020

What is Nebulas?

Nebulas is a high capability autonomous metanet that focuses on on-chain processing, data, collaborations, and interaction. The Nebulas metanet can manage the complex on-chain data and control and detail the interactions. With its two major components, Nebulas Incentives and Nebulas Force, the autonomous metanet is disrupting the on-chain data and becoming the face of future collaboration. It provides upgrades without the need for hard forks and high return incentives.

New Products In Line

The Nebulas announced that its Cross-Linked Asset Service and Decentralized Swap exchange transaction service will be launched in October The company is fast developing new products, and the result is on track. Nebula would roll out the product to the community first, and the first lot of users would get the early bird incentives when the product is rolled on mainnet. The users would get free of charge link conversion for the Ethereum USDT to Nebulas nest conversion through Link.

Swap.nextDAO decentralized transaction research and development:

Link.nextDAO cross-chain asset research and development:

The users would also receive Swap awards for depositing funds in the available pools when they commit LP tokens.

Encouraging Collaboration

The Nebulas community in Srilanka is fast-growing and collaborating with various other crypto players to create a more substantial base for the country’s cryptocurrency industry. The Nebulas technical community worked with the Binance Srilanka and Satoshi Bytes to host community AMA in which they talked about Nebulas AMA. 

Dustin Ritzer from the Nebulas technical Committee talked about Nebulas in detail, giving the blockchain’s backdrop and its mission. He spoke of the mechanisms and how the blockchain works, highlighting its self-evolving ability without any forking. He shared insights about the various aspects of Nebulas blockchain and addressed common questions in detail.

Expert Addressed Srilankan Crypto Community to increase engagement and awareness.

He further addressed the audience, telling them how the teams can commit themselves to NAS’s growth and help it stay ahead of the competition.

Growing Nebulas Community in Srilanka

The present Srilankan financial communities and investors are highly attracted to cryptocurrencies, and the craze is growing multifold with time. A lot of people from the Island nation are divesting their funds from traditional systems and investing in cryptocurrencies.  Nebulas, an autonomous blockchain, is garnering special interest in Sri Lanka, and the community is contributing tremendously to the growth of the Nebulas network.

The interest of Srilankan investors in cryptocurrencies is seeing a new dawn. The outlook towards cryptocurrencies has transitioned and spiked up its adoption. The Nebulas network has also widened its scope in Srilanka observing this change. 

 It has realized well that Srilanka is a growing and an expanding market because of the keenness of the Srilankans in digital assets. Moreover, the investors are also looking for brighter opportunities and higher return prospects which is why they are heading towards cryptos

People have oriented their interest towards Nebulas which is evident from the active participation and high engagement in various communities, forums and groups of crypto enthusiasts.

Srilanka has seen a surge in Nebulas investors, and the various social media channels have played a pivotal role in connecting and growing the Nebulas community. The communities indulge in regular collaborations, interaction via social media channels, and undertake exciting challenges to ensure that the interest of the fellow Sicanians grows in the Nebula blockchain.