Coinbase Introduces a New Web3 Discovery Surface

Subh Rath

March 11, 2023

On Friday, Coinbase announced the launch of their web3 discovery surface on Twitter. This new web3 discovery surface will allow users to discover the finest dApps on web3, all at a single discovery surface. Specifically, users will be able to access non-fungible tokens (NFTs), web3 gaming, decentralized social networks, and many more dApps. 

The crypto economy consumers all around the world have discovered and begun their travels with cryptocurrency through Coinbase since its creation, and the platform is prepared to expand its features and services for users. 

With this new update, Coinbase might transform into a one-stop app, allowing users to obtain information on any dApp displayed on the new surface. Even if you are new to the crypto industry or are limited to certain platforms, you can rely on this web3 discovery surface to learn everything about your preferred dApps, from their rankings to similar dApp suggestions, and much more.

Coinbase Promises Safety, Security, and Updates with this New Update

The platform also took to Twitter to share how its focus on ensuring Web3 safety and security will be efficiently transferred in this new update too. 

Furthermore, Coinbase affirms that it will continue to update its listings with new Ethereum and Polygon chain releases. But, the platform also states that it would be aiming to introduce more dApps on other chains in the near future. This aims to help increase adoption and the expansion of its Web3 solutions.

Ultimately, Coinbase aims to provide its users with a smooth Web3 experience. To that purpose, the exchange guarantees that users can use any wallet that a dApp supports. However, for added security and convenience, it is also an option for users to use Coinbase’s Web3 wallet to transact directly with their Coinbase account.

Above all, this new update is not just limited to investors and web3 explorers, but also for developers. So in an effort to make new and reliable dApps noticed in the web3 community faster, Coinbase is also encouraging developers to register on the platform and list their dApps.You can learn more about featuring your dApp on Coinbase here.