Coinbase Has Appointed Former LinkedIn M&A Executive as COO Before Its Public Market Debut

Bob Coiney

December 23, 2020

Former LinkedIn M&A executive Emilie Choi is now the president and COO of Coinbase. Choi’s appointment was announced on December 16, 2020. 

A news article on Theblockcrypto confirmed Emilie Choi’s appointment, a former LinkedIn M&A executive. Choi will be the president and COO of Coinbase. A current employee has described her work ethics as top-notch, claiming that she is a star. 

Choi joined Coinbase only two years ago. Even though Choi has no cryptocurrency background, she has sublimely managed to seep into the second most potent posting is nothing short of a victory. 

It was only last month that Choi, who led successful acquisitions at LinkedIn, received the promotion. WebnowEarth, which is a news publisher of blockchain technology and crypto enthusiast, had this to tweet. 

The news of the promotion was revealed to the staff on December 16, 2020. After she was appointed, her Chief Operating Officer position was included with the title, president. This is in conjunction with Coinbase’s public market debut. 

Coinbase plans to make its public debut, which may happen in the month of January. They had filed for a $1 IPO last week. Companies normally make shake ups in their top organization and their staff. 

This is usually done before a public offering, and Coinbase followed the same route. Besides the promotion of Emilie Choi, they have also added a former Cisco CFO, Kelly Kramer as their chairperson of the Audit and Compliance Committee.

Marc Andreesseen, who is a16z co-founder, will also play an active role as a board director. In July 2020, the firm has its investor day. No surprises that the firm has decided to go with Goldman Sachs as its investment banker adviser.

A news post on Flipboard confirmed the good news that Emilie Choi is the new COO and president of Coinbase. This is a new trend where women are getting elevated into top positions in several cryptocurrency firms. 

The rise and impact of Emilie Choi on Coinbase 

Women like Sherly Sandberg and Emilie Choi seem to have the same mindset for ensuring that their organizations can reach targets. Choi had a massive influence during her tenure in LinkedIn. 

Choi was able to make several mergers during her role there. After joining Coinbase in March 2018, Choi mainly focused on recruiting key talent in the firm. She roped in Max Branzburg from Google, head of product.

Branzburg now heads the product and growth. On Choi’s management, the firm has made several profitable acquisitions, including Neutrino and Tagomi. Choi’s personality is somebody who concentrates more on corporate business development.

After Asiff Hirji, who was COO and president, exited the firm back in May 2019, Choi was expected to be made the COO. Choi’s relationship with Brain Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, is one solid partnership that many in her team foresaw. 

This was after the firm saw inner power struggles between Hirji, COO, and Balaji Srinivasan, CTO. Choi’s team compares her working relationship to that of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, and Sherly Sandberg, COO. 

There is no denying that a firm needs a smooth working relationship in the top-brass can provide beneficial results. As a COO, Choi will aid Armstrong, CEO, with regular working operations in the firm.