Coachella Created a New Scoreboard 

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Bob Coiney

February 2, 2022

It’s no more news that the next Tech inclined driver of the decades ahead will hinge on NFTs and their value creation to humanity as part of the world’s next workstation. Quintessentially, the face of art, its work forms, and every beauty element it embraces/portrays will be a thing that appeases man’s fantasy. Understanding that the world isn’t just evolving but staying evolved can be a great mechanical drive to why many smart innovators are gradually dominating NFT Hubs.

Scintillating Facts About Coachella

Coachella Collectibles is a first-of-its-kind opportunity to own lifetime festival NFT passes, unlocking unique on-site experiences, physical items, digital collectibles, and more. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (commonly called Coachella or the Coachella Festival) is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. It was co-founded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen in 1999 and is organized by Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of AEG Presents.

Coachella showcases popular and established musical artists as well as emerging artists and reunited groups. It is one of the largest, most famous, and most profitable music festivals in the United States and the World. Each Coachella staged from 2013 to 2015 set new records for festival attendance and gross revenues. The 2017 festival was attended by 250,000 people and grossed $114.6 million. Coachella’s success led to Goldenvoice establishing additional music festivals at the site, including the annual Stagecoach country music festival beginning in 2007, the Big 4 thrash metal festival in 2011, and the classic rock-oriented Desert Trip in 2016.

Coachella Announces New Partnership Feats.

Coachella announced its recent partnership with FTX US (A leading centralized cryptocurrency exchange specializing in derivatives and leveraged products. FTX offers a range of trading products, including derivatives, options, volatility products, and leveraged tokens. It also provides spot markets in over 100 cryptocurrency trading pairs such as BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT, and its native token FTT/USDT) to build an environmentally friendly marketplace on Solana. Whilst this is done, a portion of the proceeds from each item will be donated to GiveDirectly, LideresCampesinas & FindFoodBank. A royalty will also support the creators involved and It promises more novel NFT experiences to come. 

Her partnership with FTX to build an environmentally friendly marketplace with Solana breeds ease for the general public, as many don’t seem easy on Crypto/NFTs as PoW. This however doesn’t seem like a win-win situation as Coachella has smartly changed the narrative. 

Among the three listed organizations, Coachella intends to send her proceeds to, FindFoodBank stands out. FIND is a non-profit, community-based organization located in the Coachella Valley Desert Region that is dedicated to mobilizing the resources in the community through education and awareness to relieve hunger, the causes of hunger, and the problems associated with hunger. FIND provides food for more than 80 other non-profit agencies in eastern Riverside County and southern San Bernardino county including emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, senior centers, after-school programs, and homeless shelters. FIND is the Feeding America network food bank and official USDA Emergency Food Distributor for 5,000 square miles of our Desert Region.