Bitcoin's Scaling Debate has turned in a Cryptocurrency civil war.

Bitcoin’s Scaling Debate: A Beginner’s Guide

This article will attempt to provide a non-technical, beginner friendly, and mostly drama-free explanation of Bitcoin’s scalability debate (and why should care about it),...

Crypto Exchanges – Where to buy bitcoin

This is the excerpt for a featured post.With so much news about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies lately, a lot of you may be asking yourselves where the best places are to buy and trade this new digital asset class. In this article I'm goin to provide an overview on the largest crypto exchanges and compare and contrast them so you can decide which is best is the best ?t for you.

How many consumers own cryptocurrency?

How many consumers own cryptocurrency? Lets take a look at a recent ING international survey looking to answer this very question. The question was phrases...

What is Bitcoin? A beginners guide

In the late 2000s, an anonymous fellow named Satoshi Nakamoto proposed a system based on some previous research projects. Satoshi authored the now famous ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’

Interview: Rocky Darius Cryptocurrency Trader @CRYPTOHUSTLE

Rocky Darius is a full-time cryptocurrency trader, investor and analyst. In 2013, he developed a passion for cryptocurrencies and seized the opportunity to pursue...