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  • Microsoft invests $10B in OpenAI, ChatGPT's Parent Co.

    Microsoft planning to invest $10 billion in ChatGPT owner

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  • From Santander embracing crypto, Solana opening a real-life store in NYC to Telegram going the NFT way: This month in crypto

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    Init Metaverse: DeFi Bytes by Blockchained India

  • bitcoin india

    Crypto World coming together to Help India in time of crisis

  • karatabars scam

    Karatbars Blockchain Scammers try to sue Germany’s most trusted Finance Publication

  • twitter hacked

    Twitters hack and why Decentralization is important

  • crypto india

    ‘Cryptocurrency In India’ – A webinar to discuss the future of Crypto in India


In the late 2000s, an anonymous fellow named Satoshi Nakamoto proposed a system based on some previous research projects. Satoshi authored the now famous ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’ whose stated goal was to create a new electronic cash system” that was “completely decentralized with no server or central authority.”