Charles Hoskinson of IOHK, in an exclusive video meeting with Forkast.News reveals it all from talking about countries in Africa, China in the 80s, and how Fortune 500 can benefit from crypto.

A news post on forkast highlights an exclusive interview with IOHK and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson. Charles Hoskinson talks about how crypto is going to play a significant game in Fortune 500 companies’ future.

Besides, Hoskinson also feels that developing economies in Africa stand to benefit from it. Hoskinson truly believes that the Middle East needs a more straightforward mode of payment transfer system for local mode. 

IOHK Media is a portal for journalists, and the press had this to tweet about Charles Hoskinson covering everything from governance, interoperability, and quantum computing. 

Charles Hoskinson wants them to implement Cardano and the ADA coin as the solution. Hoskinson says that the Fortune 500 company must find new tools to blend into a new market sublimely. 

In an interview with Forkast.News Hoskinson elaborated on the importance of breaking down the chains that prevent those jurisdictions, like in Ethiopia. Charles Hoskinson’s company is finding it quite hard to seep into the country, though they have been working for three years now. 

Hoskinson feels that young Africans are ready to infuse with digital currencies. The economy in Africa remains fractured for quite a while now. This is an excellent time to make use of DeFi, decentralized finance.

Hoskinson wants the Fortune 500 companies to hear them when he says they will provide a way for accessing 100 million customers on their platform. These customers will then use the Fortune 500 companies products. 

Hoskinson strongly believes that if his platform can work with Litecoin, it will surely easily work with Bitcoin. Cardano wants to design a top-notch method for interoperable blockchains; they need to be a method for cryptography to evolve.

Charles Hoskinson denies that quantum computing will harm blockchain. Hoskinson knows that it is not going to cause any problems with the sublime communication happening globally. However, nations that want to preserve secrets may suffer. 

Besides, he adds, that Satoshi’s private keys can be accessed with Satoshi’s PGP key. Charles Hoskinson finds it difficult why people do not seem to understand the importance of moving from one system to another system. 

The Ethereum co-founder wants to challenge Ethereum itself, saying users wish to use more utility beyond metadata. They want to store value count. Hoskinson signs off saying that if his company can move forward with the same momentum, they can be a force to reckon with.