Calvin Ayre Claims Bitcoin Is Going To Zero

Bob Coiney

December 18, 2018

There are many individuals around the world that have claimed that Bitcoin’s price is inflated. Especially during the cryptocurrency bull run of 2017, many claimed that Bitcoin was a “bubble” and being fueled by speculative interest rather than its intrinsic value. Since Bitcoin has fallen from its highs above $19,000 to its current price below $4,000 – these claims are less abundant, especially with more people than ever interested in blockchain technology. It appears as though Bitcoin Cash founder Calvin Ayre, however, isn’t so optimistic when it comes to the original Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Bashing

However, Calvin Ayre, the co-founder of Bitcoin Cash, has stated that he believes Bitcoin is essentially worthless. He states, “I am predicting it to go to zero value [in 2019], as it has no utility. It does not do anything, and they intentionally are anti-scaling.”

Ayre believes that Bitcoin Satoshi VIsion (Bitcoin SV) will take its place. He claimed, “Bitcoin — the technology and economic model — are alive and well with Bitcoin SV, and it’s going to have an amazing year.” Of course, it is easy to see that Ayre seems to be claiming that “his’ cryptocurrency will succeed, while the original Bitcoin will fail, and many in the cryptocurrency community were skeptical about the comments.

Previous Success

For those that are unaware, Calvin Ayre is a Canadian-Antiguan entrepreneur that made himself a billionaire after he created the online gambling company Bodog. He modeled his personal brand after billionaire Richard Branson from the Virgin Group.

His involvement with cryptocurrency actually led to Antigua and Barbuda appointing Calvin Ayre as a Special Economic Envoy in 2017. Ayre is to advise the government on new ways to utilize blockchain technology.

Many countries in the Caribbean appear to be interested in becoming a haven for blockchain startups, the same way that the region became a hub for online gambling previously during the 1990s, and continues to be a hub for offshore banking. He also maintains an online gambling news website that uses his own name at

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