Brave users can now Access Exciting Brands with their rewards

Bob Coiney

March 12, 2020

Brave Software is credited with constructing the Brave browser which is a confluence of privacy with Blockchain-powered digital advertising platform. The TAP network which is the Rewards-as-a-service technology company announced that Brave desktop users will now be able to redeem Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for real-time rewards provided by more than 250,000 top brands and merchants who have tied up with TAP network. The collaboration has made it a reality for all Brave users to redeem tokens and also connect with different brands. 

Brave had spearheaded the concept of a blockchain-based advertising format which endows 70% of revenue share with the users in the form of BAT. It has 12 million active users month on month and users surely have the convenience to take up this rewards program. With the association with TAP, Brave users, especially in the US, will be able to redeem the earned tokens for gift cards from top brands and travel partners like Delta, American Airlines and many more. 

On March 10th, this partnership with the TAP network was announced and clarifications were sought whether only the US users will be benefitted. As of now, the company spokesperson has clarified that there is essentially no legal restriction but a user outside the US will not be able to enjoy as many rights as a US citizen will. 

Brave is a much-admired concept. On March 5th Brave also launched protection from fingerprinting implying how advertisers smartly track various users by working on creating a large collection of unique things. Any user will now be able to win BAT rewards by applying a privacy-protecting Brave Browser and redeem it later for a gamut of options available. 

The exclusive scheme for users in the United States will endow them with rewards and tokens with gift cards from top national brands like Uber, Starbucks, Applebee’s, Xbox, Hulu, HBO along with many retail brands like Amazon, Apple, Walmart and many more. 

The redemption via the TAP network is available to Brave desktop users who have undergone the verification process of their wallet with Uphold. They can link their account to the TAP network by using OAuth, after which they can authorize the TAP network to provide the different redemption options. 

Picture Credit – Cryptoline News