Bollywood Legend Joins Crypto Exchange, CoinDCX

Bob Coiney

October 4, 2021

Cryptocurrency is fast becoming a part of the world today, and almost on a daily basis, new partnerships are being announced. As countries of the world continue to open their doors to the blockchain industry, Asian giant India is leading the race in embracing cryptocurrency with both arms. Cryptocurrency is currently a mainstay in the country and has captured the interest of both young and old.

Celebrities are not left out in this revolution. Several Bollywood figures have in the last few days made crypto-related announcements, and the latest to join this train is the movie icon, 

Amitabh Bachchan was recently signed as a brand ambassador for crypto firm CoinDCX.

Bachchan Joins CoinDCX

The Bollywood icon will be the first star signed to represent the Cryptocurrency exchange firm. Signing the movie maestro is seen as a move in the right direction for CoinDCX as Bachchan would help foster the popularity of the brand in his native country. The main goal of this partnership would be to help increase the awareness of cryptocurrency and see the number of users increase in the coming weeks.

Reports revealed that there had been an increased interest in Indians to invest in cryptocurrencies but to help them get the best of such experience. Finding the right platform alongside accurate knowledge is key. As the face of the brand, Bachchan would help spur the public to gain crypto-related insight that would back their transactions on the space.

Having the 78-year-old legend on board, CoindDCX hopes to portray itself as a leading platform when it comes to making secured crypto investments that comply with rules and guarantees a thrilling experience. CoinDCX prides itself as a brand that educates the public on the crypto space, and their recent partnership mirrors their ambition in championing crypto adoption, especially in India.

The “Sholay” actor is no newbie in the crypto space. Recently, Bachchan announced the launch of his NFTs,( non-fungible tokens) and has shown incredible knowledge and interest in the crypto space within the past months. Bachchan is also an ardent crypto investor himself and would hope to use his fame and exposure to enlighten others on the potentials in the crypto world.

Reaction to the Partnership

Reacting to the recent announcement, Sumit Gupta, co-founder, and chief executive officer, CoinDCX, said, “ We are honoured to have Bachchan as our brand ambassador. Being a crypto investor himself and having launched his own NFT (non-fungible token) recently, Bachchan is well-versed with the crypto space. His knowledge will prove valuable in building trust and credibility amongst new users. We are certain that his association with CoinDCX will help bring greater visibility to the world of crypto and develop a strong brand recall for us.”

Crypto in India

In India, the crypto business has grown at a massive rate and has become a source of income for some in Asian countries. Millions of Indians are becoming early adopters of the crypto asset class, and various platforms are up to ensure that more people participate in crypto.

CoinDCX recently became a part of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), a voluntary self-regulatory organization for the advertising sector, to help build more confidence and ensure credibility in the fast-paced growth of cryptocurrency and the digital asset business in India. As a result, experts anticipate more crypto-related deals and partnerships in India in the days ahead.