Blockchain lotteries are gaining momentum. An overview of the newest lotteries in 2021

Bob Coiney

August 31, 2021

After lotteries going digital, the next big thing for the gambling industry is the introduction of blockchain technology. The blockchain-based lottery offers various advantages over traditional ones, such as easy access, safety, and transparency. These three advantages are the biggest concerns for traditional lottery players as even certified lottery organizers can use fraudulent practices. 

Blockchain is inherently secure and stores all the transaction details such as registering winner selections, and rewards. Magic Lotto brings the best of blockchain lottery to the lotto enthusiasts with a wide range of games, better rewards, complete anonymity, and unparalleled security. 

Magic Lotto – The first Blockchain 5.0 based Online Lottery 

Magic Lotto offers the players an easy-to-use platform where they can enjoy an immersive experience of playing lotto games using cryptocurrencies. The process of participating in Magic Lotto is simple and can be done following these three steps. 

  • Register to Magic Lotto and choose a game from  Magic Lotto 6/49, 7 Plus Lotto, Jokerball, and Free Jokerball.
  • The next step is to pick the number the user wants to bet on to complete the purchase. 
  • The last step is to wait for the winner to be announced and get their hands on the reward pool. 

Magic Lotto offers a fair play and exciting experience with the opportunity to launch a private online affiliate program. In this program, users can invite their friends and family to play in the network and win rewards for their participation. Users can also host their private networks and enjoy passive income while others play in the pool. 

Magic Lotto has brought the traditional lotto experience to blockchain technology while offering a more rewarding opportunity. It is secured, fair and transparent in all its games. The player’s winnings are immediately transferred to the winner using smart contracts, and the winner can withdraw these winnings instantly without any hidden fees. 

Platforms such as Magic Lotto are the future of the blockchain lotto industry and gaming as they bring the same gaming experience online with better security and rewards.