Blockchain helping Ideas to be Liberated – a-Qube

Amrit Mirchandani

May 13, 2019

Blockchain is not only helping the world we live in but also helping the creative, entrepreneurial and out of the box minds to start building up a world that could only be imagined. How?

One prime example is a Blockchain startup called a-Qube, which is working towards turning ideas into profitable assets. Their core value statement,“Ideas are underrated”, showcases that ideas only churn in a person’s head and is never exposed to blossom due to fear or insecurities and trust of the idea being implemented by a far more resourceful individual or team.

It’s not just fear, but also failure which springs up in the idea-churners’ mind. So who takes the risk of it all? Blockchain being a decentralized technology, led Alessandro Perico and the a-Qube team to ensure that fear and failure could be wiped out, this way helping an idea to develop into reality.

The Magic of Tokenomics

a-Qube’s research associate, Tobias W. Kaiser specializes   Tokenomics, decentralized business models and Game Theory.

In an exclusive chat to Cryptoiscoming, Tobias defined Tokenomics by stating, “Tokenomics is about creating incentive structures that promote beneficial behavior and deter malevolent behavior. Protecting people from scams or fraud is easy when you have a central authority, but this creates a single point of failure, where negligence or malevolence can be catastrophic for everybody. Doing the same in a decentralized fashion is much harder.”

When asked about what a-Qube means to the Blockchain community? Tobias replied, “With every successful blockchain project, the world gets a little bit freer. a-Qube is one piece of a puzzle that will, I hope, grow a lot bigger than it is now in the upcoming years.”

Tobias’s mathematical model of entrepreneurship showcases how 2 + 2 adds up in terms of ideas and the person involved depending on their rankings in entrepreneurship.

Tokenomics is important to incentivize people and create an ecosystem whereby the token is specified to a particular usage. In this case, a-Qube’s native token, called QUB, is specifically designed to tokenize ideas, and foster their decentralization, creating value along the process.

a-Qube Implementation of Ideas

The process of ideas being created, implemented by the community, enhanced by experts and ensuring these ideas are not copied is through a-Qube’s inQubator.

While a-Qube’s marketPlace allows an ecosystem where ideas are tradable similar to how goods and services are bought and sold. The best part of it all a-Qube’s marketplace being on the Blockchain ecosystem allows the entire world to partake in acquiring, trading, implementing and validating ideas.

The opportunities are endless with aspiring students, creative freelancers and specialized innovators able to gain from their ideas and contribution to ideas showcased.

The project is currently inviting users to partake in their Bounty Program and building up their Ideas are underrated community. What do you think about a-Qube’s vision and the potential of tokenizing ideas? Or maybe, do you see a Quber in yourself?