Bittrex To Partner With Cryptofacil For New Crypto Trading Platform

Bob Coiney

September 6, 2018

As of September 5, Bittrex, a popular U.S. trading platform for cryptocurrencies, has announced a new partnership with Cryptofacil. The two companies are planning to launch a new cryptocurrency trading platform that will house over 200 types of digital currency.

The trading platform will use Bittrex’s already established trading technology, combined with Cryptofacil’s team in charge of overseeing customer operations and development to reach cryptocurrency users across Latin America and the Caribbean.

A New Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

According to Cryptofacil’s founder, Andres Szafran, the partnership will give Cryptofacil a significant advantage and will position them as a leader on the Latin American and Caribbean cryptocurrency markets.

The new platform will offer more than 270 different cryptocurrencies and will provide its users with competitive market fees and a simple interface where they can efficiently manage their trades.

“We developed Cryptofacil to focus on basic customer requirements: a simple and easy to use cryptocurrency platform, with superior customer support, and value-added services in a safe and secure environment,” said Szafran.

Bittrex is a well-established cryptocurrency trading platform that is based out of the United States. Therefore, the new partnership will only drive them further towards reaching their goal of worldwide adoption of their platform.

In essence, the partnership is aimed at offering a fast, reliable and safe trading platform for cryptocurrency users in Latin American and the Caribbean. Furthermore, the platform will give users in the area access to some of the world’s most groundbreaking blockchain projects by providing users access to their tokens.

Not only will the new platform provide an opportunity for users in these markets, but it will also offer those who want access to more digital assets with a solution to their problem.

Looking To New Horizons

Initially, the platform will only be launched in Latin American and Caribbean countries. However, there have been talks of expanding the platforms trading services to global markets in the future.

According to Bill Shihara, the CEO of Bittrex,

“It is partnerships like this one that will serve to not only support the blockchain industry but also to incubate innovative projects using this revolutionary technology.”

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