Bitfinex Pulse – A Network for Avid Crypto-traders


Bob Coiney

April 28, 2020

Social Networks have become a critical part of our lives and owing to its huge popularity, Bitfinex, the popular Crypto exchange also has decided to serve the needs of the social ecosystem. It has announced its own social network which initiated today. 

The new social network called ‘Bitfinex Pulse’ intends for the customers and visitors to dedicatedly lock themselves in the world of trading and discover how interesting the concepts are. It aims that people look beyond conventional and explore through a range of concepts and market activities. The users will get an opportunity to interact with other exchange members and will only deepen their insights about the crypto trading world.

The product from the house of Bitfinex is not the first of its kind. Earlier EToro was launched that contained trader profile, messaging options and copy trading that allowed traders to jump along with the positions of other traders. But eToro right from the beginning focussed on social investing whereas Bifinex pulse is more specific towards the needs of the users. The network will cater to the technically superior audience with equally superior content. Here copy trading will not be hosted and further details about user verification are yet to be clarified from the company.

Trading pre and post digitalization has undergone a sea change. Earlier trading was no less than a high-octane battle of the traders who were extremely competitive to earn profits. Post digitalization, competitiveness is still there but now the trading also has included some elements of emotions and importance to the community. It is easily seen on different social media platforms. When the markets are high or low, many platforms including Twitter post trading ideas amid sentiments.

As the community expands on the social network, it will launch newer variants including data insights. As per the spokesperson, the network was launched to provide a technically sound and professional content distribution platform for traders. Once the users are verified they will be able to post publicly and could also communicate with the users through private messages. If the user is not verified then they can only access private posting.

Image Source – Cryptoknowmics