Bitcoin’s Major 2020 Highlights – Review of Decisive Moments of Gold Mine

Bob Coiney

January 4, 2021

Sunday, January 3, 2021, was a special day for Bitcoin. That is right, it was on this day, that Bitcoin took birth on earth courtesy of Satoshi Nakamoto. 

A news post on cryptoglobe discusses the highlights of Bitcoin in 2020. The year was not a memorable one for many people due to the pandemic, but every dark cloud comes with a bright spot. 

The same can be said about Bitcoin. In this post, we will see some of the good things that were provided to millions of investors in Bitcoins. If you are a Bitcoin investor, then you would be delighted to know that it was not a completely bad year after all. 

  • March 12th saw Black Thursday

In the month of March 12th, the WHO (World Health Organization) formally announced COVID-19 as a pandemic. The market traders and investors in the crypto market were quite concerned and worried about the future holding. 

At the UTC time of the next day, the price of Bitcoin fell to $3600 on BitMEX. Because of a DDOS attack, the liquidations were put on hold. This allowed Bitcoin to recover and reach the $4000 level. who is an avid cryptocurrency analyst had this to tweet on the highlights of bitcoin in 2020.

  • May 7th saw Paul Tudor Jones’ Bitcoin Investment Thesis

In the month of May 7th Bloomberg had claimed that Paul Tudor Jones II, who is a famous trader in asset management firm Tudor Investment Corp., had given a letter for his investors to know and read. 

Tudor has titled the letter the Great Monetary Inflation on his findings of Bitcoin in the crypto market. Tudor thought that it is a sublime inflation hedge asset. He went on to say that the fund can carry a low single-digit percentage in Bitcoin futures.

Tudor personally endorsed Bitcoin to get rid of the fears from novice investors who were not very keen on investing in Bitcoin. This also reduced the risk from the institutional investors who want to go easy on the cryptocurrency. 

  • August 11th saw MicroStrategy announce their first investment in Bitcoin 

In the month of August 11th, MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) said that they are going to make investments in Bitcoin. They followed it up by purchasing 21454 bitcoins for $250 million. They did it as a primary treasury reserve asset.

Nearly after 5 months, the CEO of the company said that they were holding more than an aggregate of 70470 bitcoins that were bought close to $1.1 billion. The average price rate of the bitcoin was $15000. 

October 8th saw Square investing close to $50 million 

In the month of October following the footsteps of MicroStrategy, Square too on October 8th NYSE: SQ invested $50 million on Bitcoin. They did it by purchasing close to 4700 bitcoins at an aggregate price of $50 million. 

  • November 6th saw William H. Miller III supporting Bitcoin strongly 

When a commodity gets strong support from a popular individual on the planet, then one gets to know that it is something to invest in. The same happened on November 6th, with a popular American value investor William H. Miller III, claiming Bitcoin’s staying power is one of the best. 

Miller said that during an interview on CNBC. Miller felt that the Bitcoin comes with a sublime staying power when compared to other investment commodities. It is not often one can get to hear comments on this size of proportion. 

Additionally, Miller is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Miller Value Partners. It is the investment firm and Miller is also the portfolio manager of mutual funds. A report on Business Insider claimed that Miller also said that, Bitcoin is the single best performing asset class.

Miller has not seen this kind of performance from any asset close to a ten-year period. He went on to add, that Bitcoin is quite simple and easy to understand. Probably that is why many people want to invest in it. 

It is growing at more than 2.5% annually. However, he does add some caution to the wind claiming, it is volatile also. But the staying power makes it a solid investment option that investors might want to consider in without fear. 

Siamak Masnavi works for CryptoGlobeInfo which is an independent news division of CryptoCompare has this to tweet about the development.

  • November 9 saw Stanley Druckenmiller explaining Bitcoin better than gold

Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller, who is an American billionaire investor, claimed to have said that Bitcoin was more effective than gold as an investment option. Stanley was initially apprehensive about investing in Bitcoin. 

Like many others, he was not too keen to do so. Stanley is among the 400 lists of billionaires mentioned on Forbes and is ranked as the 167th richest in the United States of America. Stanley has a fortune of around $4 billion.

Stanley began his career life in the 1970s as an equity’s analyst in the Pittsburgh National Bank. Stanley founded an investment firm known as Duquesne Capital Management. He did it the year 1981 and the firm ran impressively until August 2010, when he closed it. 

Recently, Stanley said in an interview with CNBC that he indeed owns BTC holdings. However, amounts of holdings were not mentioned or verified by him. Stanley always believes that gold holds more value than any other commodity. 

But the 67-year-old billionaire has been swayed by the fact that Bitcoin is too hard to ignore. Like more investors, he too has understood the value of the BTC and rightly purchased some of them. 

Stanley says that Bitcoin has been growing strongly for 13 years now. That itself is a good sign of the things to come. Though he accepted he owns more in gold investments, his BTC investment will be more in the year to come, because it is thinner and has a lot more beta to it. 

The above was some of Bitcoin’s major highlights in 2020. Hope you found the post useful and may consider investing in Bitcoins if you have still not yet done so. Bitcoin is here to stay folks because you heard all the famous investors saying so, why not invest in it today.