Bitcoin on Exchanges Drop to Lows Not Seen Since 2018, Meaning Profits

bitcoin drop

Bob Coiney

December 16, 2020

Data highlights the fact that Bitcoin balances on the global exchanges are plunging to new levels not read before in the last two years. 

A news publication on Bitcoin News said that Arcane Research showed charts that clearly mention the number of Bitcoin going out from exchanges is declining from the last two years. However, on-chain metrics are showing several older coins are getting sold.

When the Bitcoin value increases, users are selling. The year, research has seen that there are plenty of cryptocurrencies in exchanges. The aggregate number of Bitcoins (BTC) that are put on hold on exchanges has plunged immensely this year. 

Robert Genito is an entrepreneur who is also a Dash enthusiast, had this to tweet on the development.

The Bitcoins that are on exchanges, taken from data that compared the year 2018 till 2020. Total Bitcoins that were held on exchanges has surged. From early 2018 Bitcoins on exchanges have seen more than a drop of 20% at levels not seen in two years.

Arcane Research said that they were slightly moving sideways during the month of November, but once again started declining. That means owners of Bitcoins are on guard after the withdrawal and hack that happened on Kucoin and Okex. 

Users are becoming long-term holders, and the self-custody trend can drive the demand. Youtuber Crypto Daily had tweeted in October that the Bitcoin balances declined at a sharp rate not seen before. 

The month of November did not see rises or falls but was pretty much idle. According to experts, that means the market is bullish. Traders are using older coins when the price increases. 

Liesl Eichholz, who works at Glassnode, said an average trend occurs when the markets become bullish. Everybody wants to ensure that they do not lose out during this time. The network’s Bitcoin entity adjusted ASOL Average Spent Output Lifespan says the same. 

It shows that older coins are being sold when the rates were ideal for them. The long-term holders realized profits. Eichholz concluded when the Bitcoin price keeps going at this trend; further price increases can be achieved before the actual value is hit.