Binance Launches Beta Version of Bicasso: The Much-Awaited AI NFT Generator

Binance Launches Beta Version of Bicasso: The Ultimate AI NFT Generator

Subh Rath

March 3, 2023

As of the previous Wednesday, Binance, a trading platform for non-fungible assets, launched a beta version of Bicasso. Binance’s Bicaso is an AI-powered NFT generator that encourages users of its NFT marketplace to turn their imaginations and visions into creative NFT. 

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, announced the launch and encouraged users to be as creative as possible and share their artwork with him on the internet. The CEO also mentioned that the Beta version is currently online and limited to 10,000 mints.

Since its launch, Bicasso has been competing head-to-head with Midjourney and DALL-E. However, the only difference Bicasso carries is that Binance NFT Marketplace customers can use the tool to generate NFT and then mint their NFTs on the platform’s native BNB Chain.

Who Can Use Bicasso?

This tool is quite simple to understand and use for any Binance user. Users can develop their artwork before minting it into NFTs. Simply enter the magic word or upload an image with a clear background to achieve the best results. Bicasso accepts jpg and png images up to 50 MB in size so that you can quickly acquire ready-to-use NFT art.

You can also check your own or other people’s uploaded artwork on the site to see what works best. Binance has currently set a limit of 10,000 NFT coins with no fees. It remains to be seen whether Binance would raise the amount of NFT mints or switch to the complete version of the platform.

According to data, 9,909 people have already created an NFT since the release of the Bicasso beta version. Additionally, the community has jumped on board, all praising and contributing to the hype of the tool. 

This rapid adoption and encouragement of creativity by thousands of users demonstrate that there is more to NFT art creativity that we still need to explore – but we will very soon.

More About Binance:

Despite only being founded in 2017, Binance has already shown how committed it is to improve its offerings. Around a hundred other tokens are supported on the network, but the native coin, BNB, is the backbone of the internal economy. This cryptocurrency trading platform is highly regarded as one of the most prominent in its industry, with a reputation for providing its users with high-quality products and services.