These NFTs are the holy grail for investors and traders aiming for wealth creation

It may not be all dark and gloomy this crypto winter after all. Despite the ongoing crypto bear market, Steady Stack NFTs are helping investors reap returns in more ways than one. These NFTs are assets in themselves, and if used right, they can be a goldmine of resources for traders and investors. Keep reading to know why they are a  rage in the crypto trading community.

What are Steady Stack NFTs?

Steady Stack NFTs are more than just a speculative investment. They are a means to connect the best investors, traders, and Venture Capitalists in Web3. Also, f you own one of these NFTs, you can access their proprietary algorithm trading technology. Thus, you can make better trades in the crypto markets. 

The team is working non-stop to develop additional features that will attach more real-world value to these NFTs. SS NFTs are less volatile than other cryptocurrencies in the bear market because of their true utility & constant innovation.

22x in 3 months!

The first generation of Steady Stack NFTs called the “Titans,” sold out in under 30 minutes back in August. These 2125 Titans minted at 0.08 ETH are now currently sitting at a 1.8 ETH floor on OpenSea, rising over 22x in an intense bear market.

How did they do this? To understand, let’s explore the robust foundations of real-world use upon which Steady Stack NFTs are built.

As mentioned, Steady Stack NFTs provide access to their unique algorithm trading technology. This can assist customers in getting better entry and exit prices while trading in crypto markets & traditional stock markets. Also, the project is launching multiple B2B and B2C solutions, with all community members able to participate through an affiliate program. Just to name a few more utilities + access that a Steady Stack Titan gets: 

  • Trading Masterclasses
  • Live Trading Training Sessions (multiple timeframes – stocks & crypto)
  • News Division (Steady Stack weekly & macro updates)
  • Research Division (daily/weekly crypto news)
  • Alpha Calling / Trade Signals & Alpha
  • Llamaverse NFT calls
  • Other Crypto & NFT callers (& more being added)
  • Stock & Options Swing Trades with 7 figure trader Beau
  • High Conviction Option signals with ShinobiSignals
  • Crypto Gaming Alpha & Weekly
  • Access to IPO/IGO/IDO allocations
  • AlphaSharks full tool 

… and believe it or not, we are still just scratching the surface. The value is undeniable. There is simply no better project in the whole space for generating a steady revenue stream & to up your investment game with the best people in web3. 

The Steady Stack team believes that NFTs will continue to rise in popularity and value over time, giving investors consistent returns and making the Titans more valuable. Due to their inherent utility, owners tend to hold on to the NFTs, which is why the SS floor has remained steady throughout this bear market. 

Creating wealth for owners

Steady Stack is a community of NFTs traders and investors looking to build generational wealth even in bear markets. The Steady Stack team provides the leadership and infrastructure for the community to thrive, with access to top traders in their niche, unique opportunities across markets, and much more. This is the beginning of one of the most robust communities in NFTs, and Steady Stack is set to become one of the most powerful forces in space.

Steady Stack NFTs might be the ideal model for how NFTs can survive and thrive despite an unfavourable market. Their focus on utility can be a game-changer for themselves and the NFT space.

More about Steady Stack NFTs

SteadyStack’s vision is to build a tech-driven brand and innovation leader in Web3. They aim to lead sustainable models in Web3 with robust revenue models and businesses. One of their primary goals is to solve the two most prominent problems in NFTs – utility and sustainable long-term cash flow. 

To realize this, they aim to create technology that drives utility and long-term sustainability. This means creating products and services that people need and want to use regularly while also finding ways to generate revenue that can support the business over the long term. By doing so, Steady Stack hopes to establish itself as one of the leading voices in the Web3 space.

If you want to become a Titan, get in before Phase 2, we’ve heard they are about to level up.  

Check out the collection on Opensea & join the Discord

Solgames: Web2 to Web3 Transition made easy for Gamers, Game Devs and Designers.

Solgames is a gaming marketplace that brings game developers, hard-core gamers, and designers into a common ecosystem. The gaming marketplace is powered by the Solana blockchain and provides Web3 as an infrastructure for game developers. It is a play-to-earn gaming platform that houses Web3 games for every game player.

Solgames facilitates the smooth transition of Web2 games into Web3 by introducing NFTs and SOLG tokens into the solverse.

Solgames SDK is the crucial aspect that game developers can use to launch their games and earn royalties. By integrating the SDK into the game, developers can deploy crypto rewards to gamers. But the ticket to gain access to the entire solgames ecosystem is the NFT. The game designers create unique NFT collections for every game on Solgames.

Before game players start playing, they need to buy the NFTs and SOLG tokens.

These digital assets provide access to play any game on Solgames. Moreover, the users can trade these assets in the Solgames marketplace enabling the game developers and designers to earn a commission.

Our Features

The Solgames ecosystem stands out for its flexibility and transparency to the game developers, players, and fans. Its core features include: 

Tokenizing web games: Web and open source games with high potential can provide value to the developers by utilising the on-chain Web3 as an infrastructure. Crypto rewards and NFTs can tokenize these games. 

$SOLG Token: in the Solgames ecosystem, the $SOLG token is proprietary, and its utility is across staking, marketplace, solgame, and much more. 

Marketplace: the one-stop shop to purchase, sell or trade gaming assets like NFT collectibles and other items using the $SOLG token. 

Staking: to fortify the crypto rewards earned and won through solgames, the cryptocurrency can be staked.
Portfolio: besides earning game developers and game designers can build their portfolio by becoming a part of the solgames ecosystem.

What are Solgames?

Solgames is a gaming marketplace built on the Solana blockchain that enables game developers to release their games and earn rewards every time a user wants to play their games and buy various in-game assets (NFT rewards, SolG token), as well as every time the gamer wants to trade those assets in the Solgames marketplace, the game developer makes a commission in perpetuity.

Additionally, developers receive a customised dashboard to display their body of work in game development. You may think of it as the GitHub for game creators because it allows them to showcase their proof of work and contributions to the gaming industry in one location, and what’s better than getting paid for it?

Similar to this, players can receive incentives while gameplay in the form of NFTs and SolG tokens, which they can then exchange on the Solgames market or other NFT markets like opensea or different DEXes.

Solgames Tech behind the work

In essence, admission to games offered on the platform requires the purchase of Solgames NFTs, making it a unique login system. Once logged in, the user can browse a variety of games and, based on the NFT type they purchased, they have access to a particular collection of games. Future plans for Solgames include the inclusion of a multiplayer component.

Launching their game on the platform, game developers only need to link their GitHub codebase to ours; our securely developed APIs will take care of the rest, ensuring seamless integration. There are no additional cumbersome stages and it is clean and slim.

The Real problem solver

In the traditional gaming industry, creating a game is a laborious and creatively challenging process that is accompanied by a number of difficulties such as choosing the best platform, auditing, integrating, launching, and promoting.

The revenue share earned by the developers is pitifully small and unfair. We think that a developer’s ability to leverage their expertise in game production and the competitive edge they can acquire in the market should only be driven by the quality of the game and that the developer should be the only party to benefit from such benefits rather than a middleman.

Along with that comes the complicated knowledge of the infrastructure that a developer must work with in order to release their game. In essence, Solgames aims to eliminate all of these issues and restore the code’s ability to determine its past, present, and future.
Game NFTs and Game Tokens

The real-world utilization of cryptocurrency has escalated ever since the initiation of Web3 Gaming and NFTs. As per the report by Blockchain Game Alliance, over 1.4 million crypto wallets are seen authenticating with Web3 games on a daily basis. It represents almost 49% of the total blockchain usage. 

Solgames has two major NFT to showcase to our users.

1. Platform Pass (NFTs)
Solgames first set of 7777 General Platform NFTs are quite unique and they provide certain Benefits such as: 

  • Recharging 
  • Gaming 
  • NFT minting

Also, our Platform NFT hodlers will be provided with a special Discord Role and access to an exclusive private channel. having access to all the games.

2. Game NFT

Players can now begin playing our games by owning one of the 9999 NFTs we have available on the Solgames platform.

For Developers

They are the masterminds behind the development of the games. Solgames is just a gaming platform. But the vast plethora of game developers who have designed and developed all the browser-based games are the pillars of solgames.

Solgames provides Web3 as an infrastructure to game developers that can upgrade any browser-based game with blockchain infrastructure.

Upon tokenizing the games, they can earn maximum commission and royalties every time the users play, compete and win. Moreover, each game has its own NFT game collection where the game players need to purchase an NFT to play the game. The game developers can also earn and stake the NFTs. They can also buy and stake SOLG tokens used in the Solgames marketplace.

The developers can gain access to the in-game analytics of their respective games. These analytics will enable them to stay updated with all the numbers. Collaborating with Solgames and building different games on the platform will enable them to

For Designers

Along with game developers, Solgames is a place for designers and audiences who have a keen interest in design and crypto. The designers in the Solgames ecosystem design the NFT collections for every game hosted on the platform.

When game players purchase the NFTs to play any game, then a percent of the purchased amount accounts for the royalty to the designer. They can earn royalties on each gaming NFT collection that they design.

The game fans and designers can buy or sell the NFTs or also become an NFT collector by purchasing the NFTs from different game NFT collections. The biggest plus point is that game designers can build an NFT designer portfolio.

For Gamers

Players are the main constituents of the solverse. They run the entire ecosystem by playing, engaging, and competing in competitions. Solgames is a hub for both single-player and multiplayer games. These games are all free to play.

To casually play any game on solgames, they need to purchase NFTs from the game NFT collection. To win rewards in SOLG, the players need to pay a minimum token amount. Once the leaderboard is finalized the top winners will be rewarded in SOLG tokens.

The winning amount is always pre-determined by the game developer while building the game.If the player still wants to continue playing the same game, then they opt to recharge the NFTs. The players can stake the SOLG tokens, buy or sell NFTs, and stake the NFTs.

Our Roadmap

Many of Solgames’ games will incorporate multiplayer functionality, allowing players to use the items they earn via gaming both within and outside of the game.

Additionally, Solgames NFTs have a rental feature that enables NFT owners to earn a passive income while still remaining a part of the Solgames ecosystem by renting their NFTs in the marketplace to interested gamers at significantly lower prices.

How can you contribute?

We are looking to collaborate with people that have a passion for creating products for the Web3 ecosystem and who practically live there. People are being hired by Solgames in a number of disciplines, including community and business development, marketing, growth, and development. For collaborations or questions, e-mail or

Further, you can connect us on —

? Website:

? Twitter:

? LinkedIn:

? Instagram:

The City of Zion is Launching its GOLDPASS NFT Collection For Mint

On November 13th, 6pm UTC, the City of Zion will mint its first mini collection of GOLDPASS NFTs. The City of Zion has announced that the GOLDPASS collection will be minted on XOXNO, the all-in-one Elrond NFT Marketplace. 

City of Zion GOLDPASS NFTs are highly sought after as only 777 GOLDPASSes exist. Distribution to OGs and Goldlisted members will account for 333 GOLDPASSes, with the remaining 444 being made available via minting. The greatest benefit of a GOLDPASS is that it guarantees early access to the SOULZ collection mint and at a discounted price! 

If any member of the community mints 5X GOLDPASSes, they will receive 1X SOULZ free. If that person is a Zion OG/Drakuza, then they get 1X free SOULZ for every 3X GOLDPASSes they mint! Every GOLDPASS minted is 1X raffle ticket in the draw to win one of 5X Zion Spot Prizes!

Not to mention, ANYONE who mints 10X GOLDPASSes, will get to work with the lead artist Faith to help design one of their free SOULZ NFTs!

And still there’s more utility! The GOLDPASSes are VIP-whitelist-equivalents. GOLDPASSes will have staking benefits upon completion of $ZEAL Token, exclusive alpha channels, Brand discounts and COMMUNITY. As the City of Zion Brand grows, there will be more benefits added to GOLDPASS holders, making them even more valuable with only a tight supply.

Each wallet can mint a maximum of 10X GOLDPASSes, and each transaction is limited to 5X GOLDPASSes at a time.. 

The mint price for each GOLDPASS is 1 EGLD

Get Your Hands on The GOLDPASS NFT:

If you want to get a GOLDPASS NFT, the following approaches can help you:

  • You will need to download the official Maiar wallet and connect this to XOXNO when minting.
  • You will need to obtain 1 EGLD for every 1 GOLDPASS you wish to publicly mint.
  • You may also want to compete for the Goldlist or OG/Drakuza role (who get reserved GOLDPASSes) within the project’s Discord group. To be eligible, simply be active in the general chat and on socials like Twitter. Also upvote the City of Zion on the EGLD community website

City of Zion: A Brief Overview

The City of Zion manifests as a collection of spiritual warriors in the form of 7777 SOULZ that embody the @ZionMetaverse’s vision for Web3 dominance.

It was recently revealed that SOULZ NFTs themselves will also be minted and traded on the XOXNO Marketplace. Immediately after mint, the number of people taking The Golden Path to The Holy City of Zion is expected to skyrocket!

The Zion Brand bridges all of Web3-Web2-Web1 together and integrates Streetwear with NFTs, Anime, and Gaming. The City of Zion aspires to provide a one-of-a-kind environment for people to express themselves and show off their passion for tech and anime by fusing physical fashion with virtual life.

Elrond Network is the foundation of this project. It is a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain platform for decentralized applications, enterprise use cases, and the emerging internet economy. The City Of Zion has amassed a considerable online following on Twitter, with over 15,000 people following its updates. Not to mention they are currently trending top 5 on Lunar Crush’s official website for the most influential project/person on the Elrond network. The City of Zion is just getting started.

Steph Curry’s ‘Curryverse’ Will Enable Fans to Earn Free NFTs

Steph Curry, a superstar in the National Basketball Association (NBA), filed a trademark application for the term “Curryverse” on October 26 in what appears to be an attempt to bring his take on the Metaverse to the NBA’s 650 million fans.

Stephen Curry, a professional basketball player, recently filed a trademark application for initiating “Curryverse.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Legal counsel representing Curry, the point guard for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, has filed a trademark application covering various digital assets and services delivered in the Metaverse, according to Attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property, as reported by
  • The services listed in the patent application filed on October 26 include “personal and virtual and metaversal appearances by a professional basketball player, philanthropist, business person, entertainer, actor and producer” and “providing online games in which players can earn non-fungible tokens, digital tokens, or application tokens.” Among the other services to be offered, “online games” are specifically mentioned, with participants having the opportunity to acquire “non-fungible, digital tokens, or application tokens” for use in a decentralized marketplace.
  • According to information from the World Intellectual Property Organization’s IP portal, the application’s status is “Live/Pending” as of November 1.
  • According to the entry, it will take about three months from filing for a new application to be assigned to an examining attorney.

Athletes Stepping Into the NFT Market:

Athletes and leagues are increasingly venturing into the NFT market and Metaverse in search of new money streams. Thus this latest development is timely. The Premier League, England’s highest professional soccer division, is preparing to form a collaboration with NFT fantasy soccer game Sorare that might be valued at over £30 million ($34.6 million) annually.

The possible multi-year agreement will allow the 20 clubs in the Premier League to sell NFTs with digital likenesses of star players like Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane, and Manchester City’s Erling Haaland.

The NBA, Curry’s division, has also profited from the proliferation of sports-themed NFTs. NBA Top Shot is an officially licensed virtual trading card platform. This platform is developed on the FLOW blockchain by Dapper Labs, the same firm responsible for CryptoKitties. Short films of memorable slam dunks, three-pointers, and other thrilling game occurrences (together known as “Moments”) make up NBA Top Shot NFTs, which reportedly surpassed a market cap of $1.1 billion in March 2022.

MyNFT To Launch the First-Ever NFT Vending Machine in Europe

MyNFT is a low-cost, multichain non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that brings NFTs to the masses. It has announced that it will show off Europe’s first physical NFT vending machine at the NFT.London conference, which was held between November 2nd to November 4th.

In honor of the debut of the myNFT platform, the business has constructed a physical NFT vending machine that allows anyone, regardless of a digital wallet, to buy an NFT in seconds. Customers can select an NFT from myNFT’s initial collection of donated NFTs for a one-time price of £10. Some of the NFTs in this collection are worth up to £1,000, and consumers can select any NFT they desire.

Customers will have the opportunity to select an NFT from myNFT’s debut collection. After making their selection, customers can flaunt their one-of-a-kind new NFT to their peers or trade it with other customers using myNFT’s trading platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, London, will house the actual NFT vending machine, which will be visible to conference attendees as they leave the NFT.London convention center. This means that anyone, not only ticket holders, can use the machine to buy up to five NFTs, a limit set to ensure that the machine is accessible to those who would like to use it.
  • The revenue generated from the NFT vending machine will be donated. This donation will be made to Giveth, which funds public goods, services, and education in underdeveloped nations, and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which offers professional nurses to seriously ill children.
  • Customers can buy an NFT from myNFT’s vending machine by picking one of the shown envelopes and entering the code. After paying £10 with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any contactless payment option, they can open the envelope and scan the QR code. They can then sign up for a free myNFT account, which includes an NFT wallet, to receive their NFT, which may be worth up to £1,000.
  • One of MyNFT’s primary goals is to remove barriers to entry in the NFT space, making it simple for anyone to begin buying and trading digital assets. Its unique vending machine represents the platform’s simplicity, resulting in a fun and engaging process for acquiring NFTs.
  • The myNFT platform will allow customers to purchase NFTs with fiat currency through an onramp to ensure that anyone can participate. Furthermore, purchasing NFTs on the platform will be a fun and rewarding experience, thanks to MyNFT’s unique, patent-pending ‘bid-to-earn’ GBM auction system, which ensures that users land the item they’re bidding for or earn a reward for participating in the auction.

MyNFT Overview:

myNFT is a new NFT platform aimed at making technology more accessible. It’s a multichain marketplace where myNFT customers can eventually create, trade, and migrate NFTs using any cryptocurrency and at a low cost across any blockchain. This is due to MyNFT’s distinct sidechain architecture, which uses the Moonbeam and Polkadot tech stacks.

Hugo McDonaugh, Edouard Bessire, and Guillaume Gonnaud, three university friends and entrepreneurs who have been in the NFT space since its inception, founded the platform. Cryptograph, their first NFT platform, was used by dozens of Hollywood stars to create and sell their first NFTs to raise funds for charity. 

Through their work on Cryptograph, the founders encountered numerous obstacles in the NFT space, such as high gas fees, a cumbersome user experience, poor cryptocurrency exchange rates and mechanisms, and more. The team’s response to these issues is myNFT, a rethought NFT marketplace with a user-friendly interface, a lively auction system, and a fiat onramp that ensures anyone can participate.