CryptoGames: A Beginner Friendly Crypto Oriented Online Casino?

In the era of successful innovations of digital currencies, the most prominent examples of revolutionary changes are widely seen in online gambling platforms. The developers of Crypto gaming websites on the internet are up against each other to build the most accommodating gambling websites that blend the latest technologies with the expected standards of the digital gamblers. The enabled financial systems are well furnished to run multiple crypto-oriented gambling games. The gambling games are now being introduced in completely new attires digitally because more cryptocurrencies are being offered on the websites to attract crypto users. The casinos are now on the go to hold changed gamblers’ perceptions to produce the best themes and concepts as well as rewarding factors that keep the excitement up at all times. CryptoGames is one of those gambling websites that serve the rising crypto gamblers with a fully customized resource for an innovative gambling experience. The casino has a lot to offer in the online casino industry. It has a system that meets the gamblers with reliable and secure structures that promotes responsible crypto gambling with ease. In this review, there will be brief descriptions of all the highlighted components of the crypto casino and how its system is a hassle-free gambling spot for so many digital gamblers.

Origin and Main Concept Behind CryptoGames

The main aim of the casino is to provide safe gambling supported by distinctive cryptocurrencies to a worldwide community of gamblers. Running under the authority of MuchGaming B.V, CryptoGames is one of the global crypto casinos found online. The elements of the casino are all created to have a balance of modern layouts and user-friendly efficiency. At the casino, digital gamblers can explore the fun of gambling without having to directly use their cryptocurrencies. Inside the casino, the free gaming policies enable the use of free currencies for 9 of its games out of 10. Every incoming player gets to play the games as many times as they want using the free currency the casino provides them with upon registration. This facility fulfills the main concept of the casino, which is to spread the fun of crypto gambling to the mass crowd with ease.

To create a Player Profile

At any gaming space, players expect a short and hassle-free sign-up process so that they can get access to the gaming system quickly and effortlessly. The casino allows the players to play 9 of its games for absolutely free. The only currency they need to use for the games is called Play Money. A currency that the players can receive from the Faucet feature. Players can make daily requests (up to 60) for the Play Currency depending on their profile levels. Upon registration, all faucet levels will be set at 0. Then gradually, the players can work to increase their player levels by completing the basic activities around the casino. In the sign-up procedure, CryptoGames eliminates any needless steps that can make the process boring. The straightforward steps for the process require a player to submit an unmatched username for their profiles. At the casino, there are a few terms and conditions that are mandatory for all the players to agree to. The short and quick sign-up process however doesn’t give the players full access to the entire casino, including its transaction system. The players must provide the full details required to have a complete profile that can access the transaction systems as needed.

Making Transactions at the Casino

For every registered player, there are a pair of handy approaches for making transactions. Upon setting a fully completed account, all new players get full access to the casino’s transaction system which completes deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals. For every transaction activity, there are 10 popular cryptocurrencies offered. All fully registered players get to use their very own funds and any cryptocurrencies of their choice to enjoy crypto gambling at the casino. The regular transaction system offers in-built functions that is directly accessible from the dedicated tabs at the casino. The upgraded transaction systems offer options for all players who find it more convenient to use their credit cards to deposit funds. It also avails a swift exchange system that converts the players’ cryptocurrencies to any one of the suitable cryptocurrencies offered at the casino. Fiat currencies can be deposited through Onramper and a wide number of cryptocurrencies can be exchanged through ChangeNow. More details regarding this can be found directly on the website. For the list of games, supported cryptocurrencies are:

  • Solana,
  • Bitcoin,
  • Ethereum,
  • Bitcoin Cash,
  • Litecoin,
  • DogeCoin,
  • Ethereum Classic,
  • Monero,
  • GAS,
  • Dash.

Games Open for the Players:


The Dice has been known to the whole community of gamblers as one of the oldest forms of games of luck. Beginners usually pick this one as their first game on the casino as it is the first game displayed on the list. It is also the only game that the Play Now tab opens for new gamblers. All of the cryptocurrencies listedon thecasinomay be used for the deposits for Dicealongside the casino’s Play currency. Dice’s winning fidelity and odds margin also make it worthwhile for beginners. The game doesn’t only have a simple version but also an advanced version named DiceV2 and a lucratively innovative jackpot reward that is given to the players if their bets meet all the rules. It has the same objective for the players as DiceV2 does.


For many classic card gamblers, Blackjack is usually known as the widely played card game that is also known to many by the name 21. CryptoGames digital crypto model of the card game has easy guidelines that the players may follow easily without any problems. After choosing the quantity to bet, the deals will begin where all players have to hold their card value under 21 at all costs. If the player is unsuccessful in beating the house or going over 21 points, then the other party will automatically win. However, if the player succeeds in summing up the card value to 21 from the first two cards, then they will be announced as the winner directly and take home the payout then and there.


It is uncommon to discover any gambling community that hasn’t heard of the game of Lottery in their times as the game is one of the most timeless games of luck there ever has been created. The lottery is a game where all a player needs to play is their luck. Sheer luck leads the players to success. Lottery’s crypto model at CryptoGames may be played with any of the four specified cryptocurrencies: Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Players should purchase any quantity of tickets according to the limit, using any one of the cryptocurrencies. They may purchase different tickets as well as the price, prize, lots, and pot will all vary from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency. Lottery draws take place every week on two different days varying based on the cryptocurrencies. In the draws, three winners are picked who get to be rewarded according to the 0 house edge policy.


Another extensively played desk game inside many old-school casinos across the world. Out of its two versions, European and American, the model that CryptoGames follows is the first one because it has a better house edge offered for beginners. However, the gamers are compensated according to the American payout table every time their bets are fruitful. The new Roulette players may look into the detailed description of the game on the blog post as well as the instructions on “How to Play”. Roulette is open for all 10 cryptocurrency users and it also can be explored with Play Money instead of putting any actual cryptocurrency for the bets. Players get compensated if the ball lands into any of the Neighbor Bets they have picked.


Unlike the 80’s model of Plinko, the crypto model has been redesigned with a touch of the shadow of the unique model that aired on the show, The Price is Right. Despite being rather much like the 80s Plinko, the CryptoGames model brings in a virtual pyramid constructed with the factors that the game consists of. The payout multipliers are primarily based on the 4 colors that the game portrays. The ball that is dropped to read a winning slot, comes in 4 varieties of payout multipliers and house edges. Plinko is available at all times for all 10 cryptocurrencies within the casino. In addition to the Play Money, players also get to use the Auto Bet feature for Plinko. The subsequent colors that the balls come in are: green, red, yellow, and blue. After every drop, if the ball lands right into a fruitful slot then it will compensate the participant with their reward.


DiceV2 gave Dice gamers a more unique look for the new model that comes with more efficient features to provide a clearer layout and easy game time. The rendition is accessible for all gamers with the usage of all ten cryptocurrencies in addition to Play Money. DiceV2 has a handy layoutwherein the digital cube rolls on a slider after the wager amount and size are placed. Using the slider, gamers have the choice to determine and modify their payout multiplier quantity and any prevailing odds. In all this, the goal of the game nevertheless stays identical to the original version wherein among 2 alternatives, gamers select one to predict their final results. If the cube effortlessly rolls to match the prediction, then gamers get compensated according to the multiplier they had selected. If not, then the slider must be adjusted once more for a brand-new bet.


Evolved and redesigned from the desktop monitors of the Nineties era, the well-known puzzle recreation can now be visible as a famous online casino recreation in lots of places. Especially in digitally advanced casinos, Minesweeper is gaining recognition for being one of the most nostalgic games for new-age gamblers. The widely loved game is now being presented in a fashionable crypto model that is designed to be played on a field that has mines and rewards. If the players successfully click on a field and avoid the mines, then they will be stacking up credits (rewards) gradually. After stacking up a good amount, players can even choose to quit the game and cash out all their rewards immediately. This is, however, only applicable if the players haven’t clicked on any mine before cashing out. If they have then they will lose the entire bet and will have to play from the beginning again. If gamers prevail to clear the mines from the field till the end, then they can win the complete amount.

Video Poker:

The crypto model of Video Poker at CryptoGames gives out triple the amusement through three extra varieties. The three versions deal the cards according to their versions and compensate the players based on the house edge and payout amount the versions are each assigned. During each round, the cards are only dealt when a participant finalizes the quantity or amount they would like to bet for the deals. Video Poker players get to choose any of these versions: Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Tens or Better. To play Video Poker, gamers can also use different strategies mentioned in the Blog posts or construct their hand with any of their techniques. The hands can be built by discarding cards as well. The game has a special feature that gives the players the liberty to hold or discard any card with their approach. However, if they experience any confusion in doing so, the smart feature may be enabled at their own risk.


One of the well-known casino games that are still seen as an inseparable part of casinos, is Slot. The casino’s favorite game is easily accessible by beginners and can also be one of the easy games with lucrative payout amounts. The game has its payout table, different combinations that have more than 49% possibility of lining up in the middle row after each spin. The Slot machine has a clean design that displays the spins and the results in the neatest way possible. During the spins, the machine displays all the symbols on the reels without any lag. After the end of the spins, the players are compensated according to the combination that ended up on their reels. 


This recreation made its way into the casino very recently as their tenth recreation. Keno has already gained the attention of many gamers for supplying a compact and ideal design that provides a modern model of the underrated gambling game. After choosing the wager quantity for Keno, gamers choose out any numbers from a field of 40. The players can guess up to 10 numbers from the field. To play the game, players may take guidance from the “How to Play” tab as well as the “Play Money” feature to understand the layout of the game. By using their very own instincts, they can pick the numbers in each round or they may also rely on the Random Field feature to make their guesses.  The game rewards the players if the lucky draw returns the numbers they had picked before the game started.

Guaranteed Transparency and Fairness

After the bets are placed and played, the outcomes are processed through fair measures that allow the gamblers to recheck and verify every one of the results by using hashes or seeds according to the guidelines placed at the casino. A detailed description of the fairness of the casino is provided in the “Fairness” tab located at the footer of the website. In the section, players can understand how CryptoGames has built its foundation upon Provably Fair RNG. Another example of transparency in the bets is displayed through the result processing of Lottery where the casino uses Random Picker to choose its winners for each round of the draw. The Random Picker chooses three winners for each of the cryptocurrencies and rewards all of the prize amounts to the players through its no house edge policy.

Privileges for Top Winners

There are monthly gambling contests and fun occasions in the casino where CryptoGames introduces every gambler to exhilarating events and ways to partake in the unending fun of crypto gambling as well as create more ways to win VIP rewards. VIP rewards come in lucrative amounts that last until the next tournament starts. The fundamental goal of the monthly gambling occasions is to boost the gamers’ capabilities and enhance the experience through healthy competitions.

All participants put their gambling skills to the test with the goal to obtain the monthly VIP rewards that come with amazing privileges that are only granted to the VIPs. Betting in opposition to extremely skilled gamblers during the occasions builds up an intense environment where the players begin engaging with basically everyone with an intention to perform well and learn, hence the monthly contests elevate the entertainment level to an unmatched scale. The top winners who have secured their places on the scoreboard get rewarded with lower than the normal house edge to play Dice, which is 20 % less than the normal amount. Then they also get to place their bets without having to face any server delay, for VIP players, the exchange limits also become higher and better. Along with that, they also have the chance to win birthday vouchers, direct access to VIP chatrooms, and more privileges.

Promoting Responsible Gambling Measures

At CryptoGames, there are a variety of policies for maintaining its first goal of promoting responsible gambling concepts. The measures that are present to guarantee a futuristic state of responsible gambling are self-exclusion, time-out, gambling rules, and a lot more. All of their responsible gambling policies are curated according to the safety measures that can enhance players’ potential for responsible entertainment. The measures for the gambling concepts ensure both safety and thoughtful entertainment for every gambler. Alongside the thoughtful policies, CryptoGames Customer Service actively guides and helps the gamers by answering all of their queries and resolving all their problems regarding any activity at the casino. CryptoGames additionally focuses on eliminating any negative influences on the casino. Hence it ensures that all the players’ activities around the website are being monitored whenever they are playing there.

Verdict of the Review

CryptoGames is a well-chosen option if players are digital innovation enthusiasts. The casino keeps a transparent environment that is uninterrupted of malpractices of any gaming features. CryptoGames offers a range of digital gambling policies for consistently ensuring futuristic recreation. It also provides a range of additional services through its BLOG (where players get to learn about all the games in-depth and learn more hacks), and Forum (where open discussions carry out exchanges of strategies and delightful, constructive conversations). From learning about all the current features to keeping the engagement up and running through unique conversations, the players can join others in raising their account levels. Since the casino hosts gamblers from all parts of the world, the open channels make their interaction easier through a range of languages.CryptoGames’ prevailing policies guarantee equal gaming opportunity to every player with a fair probability of winning. The list of 10 games elevates the concept of simple gambling through easy and just guidelines accompanied by the lowest house edges. The system provided a bunch of efficient features, gaming policies aid to all the players equally in their activities and guard their accounts at all times. With the entirety, CryptoGames pursuits to break off the usual gambling services, and transform into an extremely reliable resource for exploring great futuristic gambling elements of the online casino industry.

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BitcoinTalk ANN:


eBay’s first NFT Collection drop on Polygon

In a recent turn of events, the global eCommerce marketplace eBay has dropped its first NFT collection that features 3D renditions of the Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky on the fast scaling blockchain network Polygon. 

Following the massive craze and adoption of NFTs by global entities such as Meta, Adidas, Prada, Twitter, Visa, etc., eBay has also joined the NFT wave. According to the official press release, the NFT drop is designed with the help of a strategic partnership with OneOf, a multi-chain NFT marketplace. 

Genesis – First eBay NFT Drop

The collection by eBay is dubbed Genesis and will feature animated 3D renditions of iconic athletes that are featured in Sports Illustrated, one of the US’s most popular sports magazines. The first drop of the NFT is dedicated to the Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. 

“Forty years ago, I was grateful to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, it was a monumental moment in my life,” said Gretzky in the press release while adding that he is honoured for the feature. 

The first drop includes 13 limited edition NFT packs in a four-tiered system with varying rarity and starts from as low as $10. Moreover, unlike most NFTs, the Genesis NFTs will be sold for US dollars instead of cryptos on eBay itself. Also, the sales are not on-chain but utilize eBay;s Web 3 platform and the assets will be redeemable using a link sent through chat or email. 

eBay’s vice president of collectables, electronics and home, Dawn Block, said, 

“NFTs and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the collectibles space, and are increasingly viewed as an investment opportunity for enthusiasts. Through our partnership with OneOf, eBay is now making coveted NFTs more accessible to a new generation of collectors everywhere. This builds upon our commitment to deliver high passion, high-value items to the eBay community of buyers and sellers.”

eBay has made a smart move by utilizing Polygon’s scalable network with low gas fees and fast transaction speed. This decision will give the user’s more control and freedom over the NFTs. 

Soul Bound NFTs by Vitalik Buterin

NFTs are, by definition, tokens that don’t have any value on their own but are assigned to valuable assets to facilitate trade. However, the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has announced the launch of an exciting new use case for the NFTs. 

Buterin recently co-wrote a 40-page paper to explain how Ethereum is going to revolve around a new ecosystem called Decentralized Society with souldbound tokens as one of the main attributes. 

Soulbound tokens are NFTs that a person can earn based in part on their education and job history. Unlike normal NFTs, these NFTs are non-transferable and represent the person’s reputation and accomplishments as a type of extended resume. 

The Real-Life Value of SBTs

Soulbound Tokens or SBTs are shareable as CVs or resumes while being attested to a soul or person. For example, one of the use cases for SBTs would be as a recommendation layer by a company for its employees. Buterin aims to use SBTs as degrees issued by universities, qualification verifications and more, making it difficult for imposters to impersonate anyone. 

The idea is to bolster people’s social identities by customizing them with unique, non-exchangeable badges. In theory, the tokens could help solve some of the problems ravaging decentralized finance, like scams and theft,” Buterin said. 

The SBTs will be stored in Soul wallets and can be easily recovered even if you somehow lose the key. The wallet would require consent from Soul community members, that would verify the user’s identity. These community members are called guardians, and the wallet owner can only select them to ensure security. 

The guardians can be close friends, family members, trusted institutions, etc. and can authenticate the owner of the soul through conversion, a face-to-face meeting and several other methods. 

The SBTs collection is meant to go live by the end of this year and will connect to Buterin’s larger plan to create a decentralized society by 2024. 

Spotify testing NFT galleries for Artists

The craze of NFTs has far surpassed the expected growth curve, with major artists and platforms embracing the era of digital assets. In the past few months, there have been several exciting developments where popular celebrities have launched exciting new NFT collections, and the art platform is incorporating these new demands.

Only recently, The Chainsmokers, a popular pop music creator, launched an NFT collection of 5,000 NFTs, which gives holders access to streaming royalties. In an exciting turn of events, the popular music streaming platform Spotify is also testing the NFT waters. 

Spotify X NFTs

Spotify is testing out a new feature where they will display NFT galleries on the artist’s pages. While this feature is currently limited to a small test with selected artists in the US, Spotify will launch full-fledged NFT integration soon. 

The test is being conducted for Android devices for now, and as a part of this test, users will be able to visit artists’ galleries on their pages. On tapping the NFT menu, the user will be able to see a large preview of the image, which will redirect them to the NFT landing page, where they will be able to purchase the artists’ NFTs. 

According to the publication Music Ally, Spotify will not collect a commission on the sales for now as it is just a test integration. Spotify also confirmed the test and mentioned that this update will “help a small group of artists promote their existing third-party NFT offerings via their artist profiles.”

They further added, “We routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve artist and fan experiences. Some of those tests end up paving the way for a broader experience and others serve only as an important learning,”

However, presently Spotify won’t support a video or GF NFT as the test is limited to thumbnail previews or images. Moreover, users won’t be able to see the NFT unless they click on the menu and visit the official listing platform out of the app.

However, this is great news for all the artists and fans as a major streaming platform is joining the NFT wave. 

Everything you need to know about Terra Luna’s latest predicament

The cryptocurrency market is facing one of the worst runs since 2020, where all major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins or meme coins are tumbling down. However, one of the most shocking falls that the crypto industry has ever witnessed is the downfall of Terra Luna. According to the recent stats, as per CoinMarketCap data, LUNA has crashed over 85 percent and is currently selling at $0.0002136 after reaching $99.24 earlier this month. Before we understand the reasons behind this crash, let’s first understand LUNA. 

What is LUNA?

Terra is a blockchain protocol that utilizes fiat-pegged stablecoins to power price-stable global payments systems. LUNA is the native token of Terra Lua and is used to stabilize the price of the protocol’s stablecoins. LUNA holders gain voting rights making the token a governance token. 

While LUNA is the native token of the Terra Luna blockchain network, its most famous stablecoin, UST, is highly dependent on the governance token. To create UST, the user must burn LUNA tokens. So, for instance, earlier, you could trade one LUNA token for 85 UST when LUNA was worth $85. However, the entire dynamics of the tokens changed as now UST is worth around 44 cents due to several reasons which caused LUNA’s price overall drop. 

Reason Behind this Drop 

Earlier this weekend, over $2 billion worth of UST tokens were unstaked, and hundreds of millions of them were immediately sold. Such a huge sell pushed the price of the stablecoin down to 91 cents, and traders trying to take advantage of arbitrage exchanged 90 cents worth of UST for $1 worth of LUNA. However, there was a speed bump as only $100 million worth of UST can be burned in a single day. 

These mechanics caused a significant shift in the UST and LUNA’s price, further fueled by the low market conditions. Stablecoins are expected to remain stable and not fluctuate too far from their pegged price. This major change is now raising questions about the stability of stablecoins.