Augmented Platform for Game Developers with Cocos-BCX

Bob Coiney

July 11, 2020

Cocos-BCX, the new-age public blockchain platform believes in innovation and novelties of ideas. The organization aims to set up a run-time ecosystem for games with multi-game system compatibility. Game developers can utilize their user-friendly platform for blockchain game development. Users also can have complete control and explicitness over in-game virtual assets. The platform building has been done on two foundations – a great gaming experience and better game economics. 

What does Cocos-BCX stand for?

Game developers can conveniently migrate the traditional game formats onto the blockchain without the need to get technical. The developers could also use the components and tools provided by Cocos-BCX to generate game economy infrastructures like Non-fungible token (NFT) exchanges and banks. As a result, players can enjoy more games while managing their virtual assets well. Furthermore, Cocos- BCX helps in inter-chain and inter-domain asset exchange because it provides multi-chain compatible asset standards with cross-domain gateways. Key elements of Cocos-BCX include a full-stack solution for the development of games and economies on the blockchain. It also uses a delegated Proof-of-Stake(DPoS) consensus mechanism where the witnesses will share the same scheduled block generation for prolonged consistency and non-prejudicial ways.The supremely planned project also has created NHAS-1808 which is a proprietary token standard for non-fungible digital assets.

At the heart of the Cocos-BCX are these dominant features

  • An intricately designed, integrated run-time environment for games with blockchain interoperability. 
  • It will also feature game-oriented data structure and asset-contract compartmentalization with the use of light nodes.
  • Its exchange gateway supports cross-chain transactions for both homogeneous and nonhomogeneous assets.
  • Robust cheat-proof verification mechanism with end-to-end dynamical encryption with authentication and hidden variables.

Cocos Chain

Cocos-BCX components are created to seamlessly incorporate game content and decentralized economics. The integrated run-time environment simplifies the development process. Its run-time environment is compatible with Android, iOS, PC Web, and other systems. With CocosCreator, a complete package of tools and workflows, it makes interactions open to developers so that conventional game developers can migrate blockchain games easily. 

Cocos-BCX game templates

The platform has launched games that have been developed by 3’rd-party developers. Templates also have been created so that developers can understand game development better. Snake Joy and CocosShooter are its two sample games.

Cocos Wallet

Its official wallet supports all safety measures like private key management, multiple account login, and signature transfers. 

Cocos Community

Cocos-BCX has announced 11 small language communities around the world.

As of July 10, the next-generation game digital economy platform Cocos-BCX continued and announced 11 overseas small language communities, including French  community, Spanish community, Russian community, Turkish community, Hindi Community, Indonesian Community, Bengali  Community, Vietnamese  Community, Sri Lankan Community, Filipino Community and Arabic Community. Most of them are created and maintained by COCOS mainnet ecological partners, while small-language communities in Africa and the Americas are still under review.

Cocos-BCX as a global project, the original intention of the Open Ecosystem Partner Incentive Program is to hope that the Cocos-BCX community will be built by more outstanding community members to jointly build a next-generation game digital economy platform.

For the latest on Cocos-BCX access, its site carries a gamut of information on its tools and workflows. Its Reddit and Twitter account also has its latest updates and developments. 

Image Source – KAP Digital