A researcher named Jason Choi at Spartan Capital has explained that Asian crypto funds performed 20 times better than US-based crypto funds in the first quarter of 2019.

The main reasons for the rise were strong fundamentals such as the governance, token design and crypto thesis.

Lack of Social Media Not An Issue

Digging into Asian Crypto funds such as Block Crafters based in Singapore, it is noticed that social media is not what they specialize in. Block Crafters at the time of writing only has 90 followers on Twitter. However, it did not stop it from being a significant contributor to Aergo. Aergo successfully raised $30 million, with major funding from known companies such as Samsung and POSCO.

Another Asian Crypto fund – Dragonfly Capital Partners clearly does not have a Twitter handle, but still secured $100 million worth of assets under management at launch. A whopping $20 million has been diversified into interesting projects such as stable Cryptocurrency Basis which has strong support from Oasis. Oasis is an associate partner of the better known Binance.

American Crypto Funds

American Crypto funds are seen to be highly visible in social media presence. For example, Polychain Capital based in San Francisco has 10.2k followers on Twitter at the time of writing with $1.04 billion in assets under management. While Pantera Capital has a whopping 44.2k followers and has $810 million worth of assets under management.

Crypto Funds a New Trend in Asia

Hong Kong-based, Jolyon Ellwood Russel who is a Hong Kong-based finance partner at the law firm Simmons & Simmons has reported that local money managers are continuously inquiring about setting up Crypto funds.

According to the figures, American Crypto funds are performing equally well, but what strikes an apparent question is if social media was higher for the Asian Crypto funds, what the size of assets under management would have been?