Anthony Hopkins is reaching Eternity with his First NFT Collection

anthony hopkins


August 18, 2022

Sir Anthony Hopkins, the winner of the Golden Globe, BAFTA and an Oscar for his acting prowess in film, television, and theatre, has partnered with Web 3.0 media company Orange Comet to curate a series of upcoming NFT drops that will showcase his work as an artist. 

The NFT collection is named The Eternal Collection and will include three drops that will centre around ten digital animations of Hopkins digitally rendered as different interpretations of various Jungian character archetypes that the actor has portrayed over his career. Moreover, these designs will also include Hopkin’s work as a painter. 

The Eternal Collection

The NFT collection is expected to go live on 16th September on OpenSea. Apart from that, Organe Comet will also auction a specialised one-of-one NFT, a unique combination of all the ten characters. Hopkins also plans to donate a portion of the proceedings to a charity of his choosing. 

The three-tier collection, one of one NFT, the ten legendary animations, and the 1,000 distinguished PFPs will have real-life utility as well, such as access to real events and autographed physical prints of the NFT artwork, exclusive audio clips, etc. 

“When Margam Fine Art approached us with the artistic vision to bring Sir Anthony Hopkins’ artwork to the metaverse, we knew this was a unique opportunity for the world of NFTs,” said Orange Comet CEO Dave Broome in a press release shared with NFT now. “This relationship is a superb symbiosis of technology and art from one of the finest actors and artists of our day.”

Hopkin has an interesting perspective on the collection! 

“The idea came out of a mist from somewhere,” Hopkins underscored. “I came up with the idea of psychological Jungian types […] because I sensed those in myself. That’s how I was trained. There is an element of mystery in all creativity, which I don’t understand; I don’t pretend to. I think we have it in us if we have the courage, or desperation, or energy to just do it.”

It is one of the most awaited NFT drops of the year as it celebrates the life of an award-winning and globally recognized artist.