American Rapper Snoop Dog Revealed To Be The Co-Founder of Shiller

Subh Rath

March 7, 2023

Snoop Dogg, an American rapper and actor, was recently revealed as one of the co-founders of “Shiller,” a Web3-powered live streaming app. This news marked yet another Web3 collaboration for the well-known hip-hop musician.

Aside from that, Snoop Dogg has had a significant presence in the Web3 creator movement since NFTs first became popular in 2021.

According to the app’s official website, the rapper is one of its co-founders, along with IT entrepreneur Sam Jones. Furthermore, the app’s goal is to integrate Web3 technology with live-streaming videos in real time. 

Snoop Dogs NFT Partnerships in 2022:

As part of his web3 collaborations, Snoop Dogg dropped a rap single called “A Hard Working Man” and later launched 50,000 piece NFT collection named “Snoop Avatars” in April of last year as part of a collaboration with Sandbox metaverse.

Later, the rapper collaborated with Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks, to perform on a stage turned into the metaverse for the MTV Video Music Awards on August 29.

On March 1, Roobet also announced that Snoop Dogg will partner with the platform, a cryptocurrency casino, where he will serve as “Chief Ganjaroo Officer.” 

More About Shiller:

The Shiller blockchain will play an integral role in the network, enabling content creators to “token-gate” their streams. This app will also allow these content creators to advertise NFTs or other products from e-commerce websites.

Such content creators will then be compensated in exchangeable tokens like ether or NFTs.

Following this idea, the app was expected to release in January. However, the platform announced on March 2 that the app release will be delayed until April. 

Now, are you a content creator excited about the launch of Shiller? Stay tuned for more updates on the app.