We are a loosely, decentralized, group of Cryptocurrency fanatics around the world. We are involved in everything from trading, mining, hosting nodes to fund managers.

Crytpto Is Coming is meant to be a space for us to share our interests, ideas and general thoughts about the crypto world. Ultimately we want to be an informative space for you to learn and understand the world of crytptocurrecies.

Bryan: Originally from Florida, Bryan crossed the Narrow Sea to Cryptoros and is now based in Madrid, Spain. His journey started trading crypto in 2017 and evolved into writing and entrepreneurship. Bryan has been conquering Cryptoros through research and guile and is dedicated to bringing you interesting and entertaining crypto news and insight. A fond lover of TA and indicators you will find him spending his free time immersed in graphs.

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me01Gregg: Based out of the Mayan homeland of Guatemala, Gregg is an economist by trade, serial entrepreneur and researcher. In crypto since 2013 (yeah, i bought the top of the china bubble…) and always looking for new and interesting technologies to cover. Find him on twitter for crypto and the occasional sports shit talking.

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Hodl Hodor CroppedJulio is an economist and a CFA charterholder, born and raised in Guatemala. In the past, he has worked in corporate finance at international banking institutions. Nowadays he is making sense of the monumental paradigm shift that decentralized networks are bringing to the world and is anxious of applying value investing techniques to Crypto assets.

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