A promising IDO by Cryption Network

Bob Coiney

June 10, 2021

Cryption Network, a DeFi platform, recently announced the successful completion of its first IDO. This IDO was held at two platforms simultaneously at Ignition by PAID Network and Poolz. It was an instant success and was sold out in a few minutes. This IDO was an exciting event for the Cryption and crypto community as it helped Cryption Network take a step further in promoting crypto adoption. 

IDOs are a great way to create hype about the platform and get users to invest in the project early on by incentivizing using rewards. 

About the IDO

Cryption launched its IDO on Ignition and Poolz on 8th June at 11 AM UTC The whitelisting process was open for the masses including investors The IDO was followed by the launch of $CNT token on Uniswap and DFYN approximately an hour after the IDO was launched. 

What makes Cryption stand out?

Cryption Network aims to make DeFi more accessible to the masses and promote adoption in retail investors by simplifying the onboarding process. Early last month it announced PolyDex as a part of its network. With this, it aims to take steps in solving new and old challenges of the DeFi world. PolyDEX will be instrumental in increasing crypto adoption, especially for the masses. PolyDEX, a cross-chain gasless AMM DEX will be coming later this month. Stay tuned for more such exciting projects by Cryption.

Retail investors will enjoy

Gasless transactions – For every Ethereum transaction, the users pay in Ether as gas fees. But thanks to PolyDEX there will be no gas fees in addition to creating a sustainable ecosystem.

User Friendly – The platform ensures that UIs are no more complex making it hard for the masses to enter. PolyDEX is a user-friendly UI that will provide a seamless transition.

Cross-chain swaps – Every single user can trade crypto assets between different blockchain platforms like Polygon Ethereum

One-Sided Liquidity – Every investor can add liquidity and participate in farms by using one side of the pair. 

It is a promising investment opportunity as evident from the successful IDO launch. Cryption Twitter and Telegram community have grown considerably in a few months, depicting their limitless potential and trustworthiness. The platform has formed several strategic partnerships with leading crypto players in the industry such as MahaDAO, Unilend Finance, The Dapp List, etc. to provide the best services possible.

Investors can also monitor the tokens and other details about Cryption Network on its Dextools