Metaverse School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo

metaverse school of engineering


August 16, 2022

The metaverse is expanding in an unfathomable space, and various industries all over the world are incorporating them. The metaverse is slowly taking over the real world by giving the users the freedom of interacting with the real world virtually by staying at home. 

This growth is evident in The University of Tokyo’s plan to open a Metaverse School of Engineering next month. In the Metaverse School, students such as junior and senior high school students and also the working adults will be able to attend lectures and events virtually. 

The Metaverse School of Engineering

The Metaverse School by the University of Tokyo aims to foster human resources in digital technology fields to increase the number of female students who want to learn and work in engineering and information technology fields. According to the university, they expect to attract over 100,000 participants. 

The Metaverse allows users to participate regardless of location, and this feature will help the university in building a global system to attract people all over the world to learn engineering and information technology. 

The opening ceremony for the metaverse school will be held on September 23rd in a virtual replica of the university’s Yasuda Auditorium. The teaching staff and guests will attend the ceremony using their avatars, which are digital depictions of themselves. 

The junior and senior high school students can attend the school’s lectures for free, in which they will learn about digital technologies and entrepreneurship. The classes will also include laboratory tours and exchange events. Moreover, the school will proactively offer information about the careers of women in various fields to encourage female students. 

Prof. Takao Someya, an expert on semiconductor engineering who serves as the dean of the metaverse school, said,

“I want to foster human resources who can resolve various social tasks with digital technologies and increase their numbers to an unimaginable level.”

The metaverse school will be a game changer for the education industry as the virtual world imagined in the fiction games and movies inches closer to becoming a reality.