A complete solution for crypto-payments for businesses with PassimPay

Subh Rath

May 15, 2023

In this article, we will discuss the PassimPay cryptocurrency payment processing service, which is available to businesses of all sizes. Businesses can easily integrate cryptocurrency payments into their existing payment systems via the platform, which offers a variety of features. You can process payments fast, get low fees, and have advanced security with PassimPay.

2. Businesses get a lot of benefits

PassimPay’s fast and reliable payment processing system is one of its primary advantages. In addition to low withdrawal fees, businesses can also deposit and store cryptocurrencies for free, which can improve cash flow and reduce costs. A number of advanced security measures are also available through PassimPay to prevent fraudulent activities. These include:

  • Secure two-factor authentication;
  • An official master key;
  • Tracking of IP addresses;
  • Control of the login process.

3. The website of the Payment System offers the following features

Business owners will find a range of features in PassimPay, including API integrations and payment plugins for CMSs. In addition to WordPress, Joomla, Modx, and OpenCart, the platform offers ready-made solutions. The instructions for integrating each plugin are provided in a step-by-step format. 

Invoices can also be sent to clients with payment links using the platform’s invoice function. In addition to supporting more than 20 cryptocurrencies, PassimPay has a dashboard that provides detailed and informative data as well as filters by project and currency, allowing you to monitor the progress of your business.

4. PassimPay: How to Get Started

You can get started with PassimPay in just a few minutes. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Click on the “Sign Up” button on the PassimPay homepage.
  2. Select the type of business account you wish to create.
  3. Sign up using your social media account or enter your login details.
  4. Make sure that your email address is verified and that two-factor authentication is enabled.
  5. Ensure your login is protected by reading and accepting the Master Key statements.
  6. Keep your Master Key somewhere safe.
  7. Don’t forget to click “Confirm” to get started.

You are successful! PassimPay has now provided you with a business account allowing you to manage up to ten projects from your account.

5. Conclusion

There are several businesses that may benefit from PassimPay, including those wishing to accept cryptocurrency payments. A number of companies have benefited from the platform by improving payment processing and increasing their customer base. 

PassimPay is a cryptocurrency payment solution that offers a variety of benefits for businesses that wish to accept cryptocurrency payments. In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency payments, PassimPay is well-positioned to help businesses succeed with its fast and reliable payment processing system, low fees, and advanced security. The PassimPay system is a good option if you want to integrate cryptocurrency payments.