23rd Biggest Bitcoin Whale Transfers $981,000,000 BTC – Where is Crypto Heading?

Bob Coiney

January 28, 2021

Reports of the 23rd biggest whale who is alive transferred close to 31,010 BTC that is worth close to $981,000,000. Bitcoin whale watchers are monitoring the movements of a billion dollars of BTC. 

A news post on The Daily Hodl claimed that the 23rd biggest whale alive has transferred close to 31,010 BTC worth close to $981,000,000. The transaction was done by an unidentified wallet, which has no known ties with any platforms and crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin Block Bot, which is an automatic distributed ledger monitoring tool, picked up the BTC transfer. According to Bitcoin Block Bot, the colossal BTC trove was transferred to two individual unknown wallets using one transaction. 

The cost of transferring 31,010 BTC worth $981,000,0000 was just a meager .00015 BTC or $4.71. BitRss News is an online news site providing 24/7 Bitcoin and cryptocurrency had this to tweet on the 23rd biggest bitcoin whale alive transferring $981,000,000 BTC.

BitInfoCharts shows that the Bitcoin whale created the wallet on October 26th, 2018. The unknown wallet has had a minimum balance of more than 31,000 BTC. The Bitcoin whale did not transfer more than $50 worth of BTC until the user eventually did so this week. 

The Bitcoin whale has also not transferred the BTC to popular crypto exchanges where they can be sold. Many users are moving BTC as the cryptocurrency sees a slight decrease in the price at the $32,000 rate. 

The transfer of the massive amount is a good sign because investors are gaining confidence in bitcoin investments. Besides, the fact that Bitcoin managed to go past the psychological price level of $20,000 in December last year, 2020. 

Since then, unknown crypto whales are transferring massive amounts of bitcoin from their accounts. In December last year, 2020, after the $20000 breach happened, crypto whale transferred close to $600 million BTC in a single transaction. 

The anonymous user moved 32,353 BTC in a single transaction to another unknown wallet. The bitcoin whale only paid $12 as the transaction fee. It is significant because the $620 million transfer was done from a quiet Bitcoin account. 

This is definitely not the first time a Bitcoin whale is transferring a considerable amount and may not be the last.